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Herpes dating sites?

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I have personally never tried MPWH, or any other HSV-specific dating site. I have tried other non-HSV specific dating sites, and overall, I really do not like online dating. It just isn't for me. 

Remember that H does not restrict your dating to only those who also have H. The right person will respect and accept you for you, whether they have H or not. 

Sure, HSV dating sites might be a safe start, since it alleviates the worries of disclosure. But, remember that you have no reason to be ashamed or guilty. You are unapologetically you, and H, a common virus, doesn't have the power to change who you are. 

Hold your head high and be kind to yourself! 🌄

- Grace

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Yeah i'm actually on Hinge and CMB right now and i don't know what happened. The likes just keep rolling in! I've got three first dates coming up lol. I think I'm still a little jarred from my last rejection (only one I've ever had) so I wanted to check out herpes dating sites.


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I understand. Rejection hurts. Remember to think of it with your rational brain and your emotional brain. Our emotions say "this totally validates that I'm trash" which is NOT TRUE at all!! Our rational brain has to comfort these feelings and say, "Nope, I am still worthy of love. If someone isnt into me, that's their choice. I can choose to get caught up in it or hold my head high and keep moving forward!"

Stay strong!! 



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STD-only dating is a form of pre-rejection. If I stuck with STD-only dating, I would have never met my wife. Because I would have made the choice to take myself out of the “regular folk” dating pool without giving her the choice through disclosing.

I don’t want to pop-poo it altogether though. STD-only dating certainly has its place as a warmup to getting yourself back out into the world of dating in general … just don’t get stuck there! 

Here’s an article about this:

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Everyone has his/her own journey and life experiences. I was on both a regular dating site and a positive site. I have been on dates with men from both sites. I had really nice dates from both and some really shitty dates on both. The big difference for me is I still am friends with a few I met on the positive site. It was so nice to talk openly about our experiences and while we didn't feel a connection on our date we still talk. I did end up meeting the love of my life on the positive site. We had an instant connection that was very hard to deny. It was actually when I started to feel my positive status wasn't a big deal but a blessing because if I never was exposed I would've never met him. I didn't limit myself but I also don't feel I hindered myself either. I think it is a choice you need to make for yourself. Just wanted you to hear of my experience with both types of sites. I wish you luck!

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