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Do I need to socially isolate after contracting HSV-2?

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Dear all,

I contracted HSV-2 earlier this year. It came as a shock to me as I am Buddhist and always being striving to do good my entire life. I was faithful to the same woman for almost one year now and the pervious time I had sexual intercourse with another woman was back in 2016.

It came as a shock to me that after 5 years and finding my soulmate finally that I would contract this virus. Neither of us were aware who had the virus beforehand. I never had any symptoms before so I wouldn't know. But that's besides the point now, both of us are committed to each other and I want the best for both of us.



1. Do I have to disclose to my boss at work about my HSV-2?

2. Do I have to reduce social interactions for fear of spreading the virus to them?

3. I badly want to kiss my nephew on his cute head and tell him I love him. But I am worried that I might pass him the virus.

Is there a cure for this?

Feeling lost and despondent. I would appreciate any help and support.

Thank you all. 

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  • mr_hopp changed the title to Do I need to socially isolate after contracting HSV-2?


I hope you are well. I am so sorry you have felt such stress regarding HSV. Please know that you are still a wonderful person. Struggling and suffering is part of the human experience, but of course there are ways to release from that suffering. We must overcome the socially-constructed stigmas that make us have negative connotations about HSV. In reality, it is a common virus that doesn't have the power to ruin our lives. 

It is wonderful that you and your partner are committed to one another. I wish you the best!! ☺️

Below are answers to your questions: 

1. No, you do not need to disclose your HSV-2 to anyone. However, it would make sense to tell your primary doctor about it, but you don't need to disclose it to anyone. 

2. No, you do not need to socially isolate. HSV-2 is spread via skin to skin contact with the infected area, which for you is on the genital region I assume? It is not spread through the air or by simple touch (if you touch a doorknob it doesn't get herpes on it) and even if something comes into contact with the genital or buttocks region (let's say a toilet seat) herpes doesn't spread that way, either. 

3. You can definitely kiss your nephew on the head and tell him you love him! If you have herpes on your genital region, it doesn't mean your entire body has the ability to pass HSV to another, just the region that has the outbreaks. Even people with oral herpes can still kiss others. Herpes typically spreads via very soft mucous membranes, such as genital openings, the eyes, or the mouth. A kiss on the top of the head or the forehead isn't a mucus membrane anyways! Now, if you had an active oral cold sore, avoiding kissing others is a good idea. But, if you don't have oral herpes, or do not have an active cold sore or symptoms one is about the happen, then kissing a baby or child on the head is perfectly safe. 

I hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions. We are here for you! 

Stay strong, be kind to yourself, and remember that you are so so much more than this virus!! 

Sending blessings to you and your partner 🌄!!

- grace

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Dear Grace,

Many thanks for the help and support. You have no idea how much this means to me.

A lot of people are suffering in silence over their diagnosis and your answers will really help us. Just for the sake of it, I also contracted covid-19 and only recently recovered. You must imagine my shock when I realised that I got two viruses in the same year 2021.

Thankfully my partner and I tested negative for HIV, Gonorrhoea, chamlydia, and syphilis. I just wanted my soulmate to be safe and take precautions if the worst were to come through.

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I am so sorry to hear about that! That must have been so stressful and exhausting. 

It is great that you care so much about your soulmate. If you felt safer, you could take preventative/supressive antivirals to reduce the risk out outbreaks and transmission risk. You can go to your doctor and ask for them! 

Blessings! 🌄

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Lovaandkindness I am sorry for what has happened to you!  You sound like a wonderful soul.  I am laying in bed right now with Covid 19 that I got last week from caring for my son with Covid. I also contracted HSV-1 in November both orally and genitally.  Here fighting both of these viruses along side you!  We Got This!

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