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Common sexual activities for couples with Herpes?

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Hsv2, with daily med supression. 

What are some common sexual activities amongst couples with hsv2?  I’m in a new relationship and wonder what some lower risk options are for intimacy?  

I have Hsv2 and my partner does not.  We’d like to find some lower risk activities as a starting point while she gets comfortable with the idea of hsv2. 

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I hope you and your partner are well! 

It's great you care about your partners safety and comfort. The daily suppression helps reduce risk, so that is great! Are you symptomatic or asymptomatic? 

Physical intimacy is so much more than just penetrative sex with genitals. 

Using sex toys made out of body-safe, non-toxic, washable/sterilizable silicone are an idea. Make sure you keep you for anal areas separate from vaginal, as using the same toy for both areas can cause UTIs and/or yeast infections for those with vaginas. 

In terms or oral sex, there are pieces of thin latex called dental dams that can be used to help prevent the spread of STIs. Also, oral sex can be preformed with the use of a condom (hence why flavored condoms exist!).

Also, if you both would like to try sex, condoms, both internal and external, can provide some safety, too. 

Also, physical intimacy is more than just genitals! Sensual touch can be felt in so many areas, such as the neck or chest. Massages are a great way to connect with a partner and get to know their body through gentle touch. 

And of course, although there is always a risk of transmission, it can be greatly reduced with precautions and open communication. 

Stay safe and well! If she has any questions or concerns about being with someone with HSV-2, she can totally check out this website or ask questions here! 

Stay well,



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