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Is this facial herpes?

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Hi. I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes (I don't know what type I am) about a month ago.  In recent days, "pimples" have appeared that hurt a little and itchy absurdly.

 I'm afraid I inoculated myself.  Or my partner has oral herpes and has passed me to the mouth and genitals too.

 Does this look like pimples or herpes to you?IMG_20211103_044557.thumb.jpg.7c9a17c10458eb66fa06360ae6e522a2.jpg

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I am so sorry that you experiencing this, as I am sure it is anxiety-causing. 

Herpes can infect the face, however it typically infects areas that have a mucous membrane (eyes, lips, mouth, nostrils). Facial skin on exterior of the cheeks, chin, and forehead do not have mucous membranes (although it still is semi permeable and can be hypothetically infected). 

Do you have sores in your mouth or nose? Or just on your cheeks? 

The spots in the picture are clustered, and seem to be dimpled (little crevasse in the center), as well has appear to have a substance inside them. Is that accurate? If so, it could be HSV. Also, if the sores have been going through stages or changes, it could be HSV. 

However, acne and other facial blemishes are also common, especially when someone is under stress or is experiencing hormonal changes. Have you ever experienced facial acne like this before? Also, have you tried any new facial or beauty products that may have caused an allergic reaction? 

I hope this helps! If you felt it would help, you could go a clinic or your doctor and ask them to take a sample of the sores (especially if you notice they are leaking a substance or are getting worse). If you wanted the swab test, you should get to the doctor ASAP as they are only really helpful within the first 48 hours of the sores being present. 

Sending prayers of health and happiness your way! 🌄

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I have no sores on my mouth or cheek. I started contraceptives shortly before being diagnosed and I don't know if these are pimples caused by this hormonal change. 

I do have acne, but I've never seen them grouped together. I've never felt them itch so much either. 

The pellets were grouped with little tips that looked like pus, like pimples. However, they began to change color and dry out. Where I live, this type of testing is not common. 

I pray to God they're just pimples, I wouldn't know how to stand having flare-ups on my face too.

Flowerteacher, Thank you for your consideration in answering me. 

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Okay, it seems like there are a few factors that could be contributing to this facial rash. Is the contraceptive a hormonal pill? Have you looked into side effects of the birth control you are taking?

The extreme itch and the pus and drying out sounds like HSV, but it also could be another type of dermatological rash. I am going to do some research on facial rashes that match your description and get back to you. 

I am praying for you! Stay strong!


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