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igg and igm exam results

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I'm confused. I did the blood test. This was the first time I had an outbreak and it was 5 weeks from the start of the outbreak until I got tested.

My lab does not do the separate exam to distinguish between type 1 and 2. 

My Igg result was equal to 0.90. According to the reference values, this means an indeterminate result. 

My Igm result was 1.18 (reagent). Now, if I had the virus in my body for years, shouldn't the Igg be bigger? 

Does low igm and indeterminate igg value mean that igg is still rising, so this infection could be recent? 

I know the igm gets smaller with time. Does anyone know what igg indeterminate means? 

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I hope you've been feeling better. It's great you got tested.

Any IgM score of 1.10 or higher indicates a current or recent infection of HSV. Your score of 1.18 indicates a positive score. In medical testing, the term "reagent" doesn't mean what we think it does: it sounds like it means "activating again" but it actually is a substance that is mixed with your blood to form a reaction to detect the amount of IgM antibodies you have in that sample of blood. So, I think that perhaps the "(reagent)" note next to your score of 1.18 if referring to how the test was preformed, not saying it I a reoccurring infection. I hope that makes sense! Also, I'm not a medical professional, so what you can do is call the place that took the blood sample and ask them to explain your results to you. 

The issue with IgM tests is that they cannot distinguish the type of HSV infection you were recently infected with. IgG tests can, but you would have to wait another 7 or more weeks before you are tested for that again. 

So, it seems that because your IgM scores are positive, this is a recent infection, since non-primary infections wouldn't result in a positive IgM score. 

I hope this helps!! 

Blessings 🌄🌼

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thanks. Sorry for so many questions, I believe I am slowly collapsing as I wait for my next appointment with the gynecologist.

I was hoping that igg would give a conclusive result and then I would know that I had been in contact with the virus for years. But the result was indeterminate and I'm in trouble again. 

In my exam result there is a note talking about igm results often showing false positives or false negatives. And my result is very close to the limit between positive and negative.

Overall, my igg exam is inconclusive. And my igm exam could be wrong. I will have to wait months and retake the test. 😞

Again, sorry for the amount of questions. Thanks for all the support ever.

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Don't apologize at all! Asking questions is so important, never feel bad for asking questions, especially questions about your health! 

It is really frustrating when test result say "inconclusive" because it's not a yes and it's not a no, it's like "maybe...?🤷🏼‍♀️" which is just so frustrating! 

The 1.18 score is .08 above the positive mark, but this possibly could be because the IgM antibodies are starting to decrease in number (as it has been 5 weeks since the start of the symptoms of the infection). However, I'm not a doctor and I do not know the rate of antibody decrease as time passes! You could ask a doctor or virologist.

IgM tests can produce false results, which is why getting the IgG test at the 12+ weeks mark is so important. It is difficult to wait that long, but it's worth it. In the mean time until then take note of any changes in symptoms and document any triggers of outbreaks or symptoms, and if you experience burning, tingling, muscle aches, etc. You can write this in a calendar book or on a piece of paper. It can be helpful keep to see patterns and identify triggers to avoid or be aware of for the future, if this is indeed HSV. Documenting symptoms and changes also helps doctors think of possible diagnoses if this turns out no to be HSV. 

I hope this helps! 🌄 Stay strong!

Be kinder to yourself. You are a blessing ❤️🦋🌻.

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