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Pcr test accuracy


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Hello all, Its been a while since I have been on here. Unfortunately I still have red scrotum and get flare ups on and off in the way of aching buttocks legs and lower back. I feel I need to wee all the time with a slight ache in my bladder constantly. I believe it may be prodrome. Now my question is I had a Herpes 1 and 2 pcr test done when I was going through some quite bad urinary symptoms. The test itself did say you have to be showing symptoms for the test to work. Now I was having the bad urinary symptoms at the time. I had to get up in the night with a painful bladder and picked that time to supply the urine into the pot as the symptoms were clearly there whatever it is. The tests came back negative for everything gardnerrela clamydia gonohrea herpes 1-2 trach etc so I wondered how accurate these tests are if anyone knows or has had one the testing centre could prob send me the results but wouldnt mean anything to me. Negative is negative. 

I’m having flare ups have had weird lumps show up in random places on my lower body that look like ingrown hairs not that painful but a diff type of pain to a ingrown hair its strange to explain, but they don't burst open or weep. I cant make heads or tails of it. The doctors said they wont test due to me not showing any physical symptoms. Also there is a high rate of false positives so its not worth getting a blood test. unless you count the spots that don't burst and the red scrotum I have no other sores to culture from. Part of me knows this is herpes Im hoping its not. Any insight would help. Thanks peeps

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Also forgot to add is there any males out there with herpes that has constant red scrotum skin and what did you do for it? Mine has been there around 3 months now. Not painful all the time but sometimes a little bit sore. All started 4 days after unprotected sex. Thanks

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It's great to hear from you. I am so sorry that you are still struggling with symptoms and testing issues. 

According to Stanford Medicine (reliable resource!), "A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test may also be performed to determine whether the virus itself is present in the patient's blood. A sample of the patient's blood is taken and sent to a laboratory. If the virus' genetic makeup (DNA) is present, a positive diagnosis is made. The virus can even be detected during the latent stages of the infection."

PCR tests are known for being very accurate, as they involve analyzing DNA to look for HSV-1 or 2 in a sample. What's actually interesting is a PCR test can be done using spinal fluid, taken from a spinal tap. 

There are two other testing types, a viral culture and a Immunofluorescence Assay (also known as the Western Blot). The Western Blot is used as a last resort for many who really believe they have HSV and just want a direct answer. Learn more about University of Washington's Virology Divisions, which preforms HSV research and the Western Blot Test by clicking these three links:

1. https://testguide.labmed.uw.edu/public/view/HSWB     2. https://depts.washington.edu/uwviro/    

3. https://depts.washington.edu/herpes/pages/hsv_resources

The urination issues and bladder pain sound like there could be something going on internally. Have you had any CAT scans or Ultrasounds done to see how they are doing? Also, ultrasounds and CAT scans can be used to see the genital region (scrotum) as well. 

The bumps that randomly appear sound like they could be epidermoid cysts, especially if they feel like there is something 'under' your skin that is hard. 

Also, your symptoms of frequent urination and scrotum pain and swelling and redness sounds like it could be epididymitis, which can occur when exposed to an STI, mainly gonorrhea and chlamydia, which you tested negative for previously. However, I wonder if it could have been triggered by the HSV exposure, if you do indeed have HSV. 

I am so so sorry that you are experiencing all of this. Please know that you are still lovable! Everything will be okay. Hang in there and stay kind to yourself! 






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