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Burning 🔥 feeling still here

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Just wondering if anyone experienced burning long after an outbreak. I got on the meds around the end of September but am still feeling nerve pain. Does anyone have suggestions other than ibuprofen for this? To my knowledge prodrome is just that before an outbreak. How do you have prodrome for months? What pain meds were you prescribed? Did anyone try the Shingles vax seeking relief for the burning? 


I have days where it seems its over then BOOM.. pops back up with a new burning sensation somewhere else like the lower legs, groin etc … Its almost worse than the first time because the nerve pain didn't hang around this long the first time.

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I am so sorry that you've been experiencing nerve pain. That sounds horrible! You don't deserve that at all! 

Antiviral medication is intended to stop or reduce viral shedding. The tingling can be caused by viral shedding, nerve damage, or even a lingering primary outbreak side effect. So, the medicine isn't a cure-all (I wish it was!!!)

If it helps, you can try soothing your nerve bundle (base of spine) with ice packs or a heating pad. Also, the body is interesting in that it cannot feel pain and temperature at the same time (hence creams like IcyHot or Bengay) so this also may help with the discomfort as well as relax the nerve synapses! 

Also, how long have you had HSV? If you've been recently diagnosed, this would make sense to have some lasting discomfort, especially after a primary outbreak (especially severe ones). However, if you'd had it for a while and have experienced a few outbreaks, it sounds like it could be some neurological damage. Tingling can occur as a prodrome symptom as you said, however tingling during prodrome usually occur before an outbreak and indicates that the virus is shedding. The fact that this has been occuring randomly and even do months at a time indicates it's probably neurological misfirings caused by irritation from previous outbreaks, and not one giant long prodrome symptom (however, some of the tingling could certainly still indicate an outbreak, it's hard to differentiate the tingling!)

I hope this helps! 

Sending prayers of healing and happiness your way 🌄

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I experienced 2 outbreaks in 9 years.. this was the second and thankfully it was super light.. I almost missed it ... just one microscopic pimple.. It was gone within 2-3 days but since then the real issue has been the nerve damage. Thanks for the tips .. I experienced this on the first but it didnt last this long. This is crazy and has me worried about other issues this may have set off. I had chickenpox as well as a kid and I truly believe this and H are intertwined causing me shingles like effects. They are so behind and lackluster with research that it seems you have to take logical guesses at all of the things that occur that aren't the usual “run of the mill”. If they could figure covid out they can do the same with this and sometimes it pisses me off they think its not a big deal. 

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Oh gosh. That is terrible! Do you happen to know what could have triggered the sudden and small outbreak? Also, have you seen your doctor? They may be able to explain the connections between chicken pox and HSV nerve damage!

Yes, other herpesviruses in the Herpesvirus family can cause nerve pain and damage, so it is possible that your past exposure to them may be causing extra irritation. Viruses don't leave your body after symptoms go away, they stay there (such as chickenpox!). 

Yes, I definitely think that progress is being made with helping HSV. Let us pray that vaccines and other helpful advancements in HSV medicine and treatment exist soon! 🙂 

Feel better!

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This disease simply sucks. I've learned that anything other than typical symptoms are ignored or minimized. You just have to figure it out on your own. Even listening to Terri Warren, an expert, she tends to dismiss atypical symptoms as well. I really don't think the medical community has a clue of what all is capable with this dosease. I've been praying for a cure foe years. Don't think it will happen in my lifetime. 

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Hi, have you had any luck with this? I have a very similar thing happening. I've only known I have it for 4 weeks. I wasn't told by a girl I slept with she had it. It's been an awful crashing of my reality, and I've been really struggling mentally and physically. My initial outbreak was a very small red dot, uncomfortable, but not unbearable. I also had flu symptoms. I got put on antivirals straight away, and things seemed to settle a little after a week, more so after 2 weeks. But then the next 2 weeks, things went down hill. I still have the one red spot, right on the tip of my penis, and it got more and more sensitive, until it was joined by a nerve like electric feeling pain that has been a constant since. Now I can't even walk without pain, any kind of movement that makes it rub even slightly on my clothes is excruciating. I am not coping with this at all. Its all just too much. Every time I try and strong and move forward positively mentally, I am brought crashing back down with the physical pain I'm experiencing. 

I read a lot of people that have great positive attitudes, and are having successfully happy lives, but I am really unable to see the light right now. So much has changed, and I feel so lost, stuck and alone.

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Hello, @brambrook,

I am so sorry for the emotional and physical pain you are experiencing. You don't deserve this at all. We are here to support you however you need. 

please know that it is 110% okay not to have a positive outlook right now. Take the time to cry if you need to. You might feel angry, sad, apathetic, hopeless, confused, guilty, etc, and you may feel them one after another or you might feel only a few of those or none of them or all of them! However you grieve it okay. We all go through stages differently before we reach the acceptance and self-love stage of healing. 

Did you get a test of any kind to verify you have HSV, and if so, is it HSV-1 or -2? 

Also, how long were you on the antivirals for? 

It seems like your body may still be building up antibodies (it takes about 12+ weeks) so your body may still be struggling with the primary infection/outbreak. Also, it sounds like the outbreak left some damage to your nerves, which is so painful, and I am so sorry.

Try ice or heat to soothe the nerves. You can place a hot/cold pack on your lower back at the base of the spine and see if it helps at all. Also, have you gone back to a follow up appointment or have you notified your doctor of the worsening of symptoms? If not, that may be a good idea. 

I am sending blessings and prayers of happiness and health your way. 

You are stronger than you know ❤️🌄. You are worthy. You are loved. You are pure and good. 

Reach out if you need someone to talk to! You are not alone ❤️.

-- Grace

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@brambrook Hello, I've been experiencing the same sort of symptoms. If you ever want to chat about things I'm completely open. I don't have a diagnosis yet, but I'm pretty sure that I've also contracted HSV. I have been experiencing extreme genital discomfort and urethral pain. It's been completely unbearable at times. I've been trying to do everything I can to boost my immune system to fight this infection. But the pain and discomfort is plunging me into despair. 😞

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