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Oral and Genital HSV2

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Hey folks. I'm going through a really rough time. At the end of August I had a sexual experience with a new partner. I used a condom, but I gave her oral sex and we did a bit of dry humping without a condom prior to the intercourse. A couple of days later I started feeling REALLY sick. My symptoms have included:

-Burning genitals
-Extreme lower abdominal pain
-Low grade fever
-Heart spasm
-Blisters in mouth, both whitish in colour, yellow and smaller which turn into ulcers (pictures of these attached), blood blisters in mouth
-Thrush, red lips
-shooting pain in legs and buttocks
-testicular pain
-red sores on tip of penis
-soreness in the urethra and prostate
And most recently:
-neck pain and stiffness
-sensitivity to light
-cognitive issues
I have also been experiencing insomnia and severe mental health issues since this infection.
I've been back and forth from the GP and the sexual health clinic. They have done a series of blood and urine tests and everything has come back negative for all the STIs that they tested for. They also swabbed a couple of the sores that I had in my mouth but those tests were negative as well.
I'm wondering if any other folks have experienced similar symptoms, especially the intraoral sores and the red and sore penis tip, urethra, and prostate. These have been constantly reoccuring over the past 2 and 1/2 months. It feels like I'm having a constant and continuous outbreak.
If I have HSV2 both genitally and orally, this is going to be absolutely devastating. 😞 I don't know what I'm going to do. I won't even be able to kiss people without telling them that I have herps. Has anyone else experienced this??



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I hope you are doing okay today. 

The sores in the pictures do look like herpes sores, especially the first picture (they look as if they have a white head/center, is that correct?) Also, did they burst open or leak at all, and then did they morph into looking like the second picture (more hollow/no more white center?).

The heart spasm, sensitivity to light, and cognitive issues could be due to the lack of sleep, constant state of emotional and physical stress, and general anxiety. Did they check your heart and eyes when you went to the doctor? If things with your heart and/or eyes get worse, definitely head back to doctor. Those symptoms should not be ignored or dismissed by doctors at all!

Let us know any updates. Stay strong-- you will make it through this and you are not in this alone!

Also, if anyone can offer advice, please comment! Others as well as @Karl44 could benefit from your advice and support! 🙂 Thank you! 

Blessings to all!

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@Flowerteacher55 Thank you for your support, Grace. Yes, that picture is of two stages of the same sores. They started off as white/yellowish raised sores and then broke open and caused those non-white ulcer like hallow divets. I'm pretty sure they are herpes sores as well... 😞

Yes, with regards to the heart spasm and neck/cognitive issues, I did go and see a doctor. Once again they said that everything is fine. It feels like they literally only take you seriously in acute situations here, other when the damage has already been done. No such thing as preventative care in Western medicine. 

Thanks again for responding, Grace and I'm curious to see if there are others who have experienced a similar situation where they have caught both oral and genital HSV2. This seems like the nightmare worst case scenario. 




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@Karl44 Hi! 

I am so sorry that you are struggling. You don't deserve this. I promise it will get better. The early stages of everything are so rough, but remember that your body is doing the best it can right now. Be kind to yourself and make sure you're eating, staying hydrated, and sleeping (although it may be really hard to do these things!)

Have you seen any changes with your symptoms? 

Also, when do you head back to CAN? 

I'm here if you need to talk!! 

Sending you healing prayers and blessings 🌄!

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I don't have an answer, but it's so rare to get hvs2 orally. I mean, it can happen, of course, but gosh it's extremely rare that it would happen during a one time event and that you would get hvs2 genitally as well from one encounter. Did the Dr's elaborate at all as to what it could be, if it's not herpes??

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@Sumshine Yes, I wonder what other explanation the doctors could have. Because so many signs are pointing to HSV, so I wonder if they offered any hypothetical other possibilities if not HSV. They ruled out so much (other STIs, for example) but I feel they didnt give enough information as to what o possibly rule in as a possible explanation! 

@Karl44 I hope you are doing okay today! 

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@Sumshine It is super strange for sure. I did give this woman oral sex though, and I did have a little canker sore in my mouth at the time... which really wasn't smart. But no, the doctors have not given me any other explanation as to what it could be. They don't think that I have herpes, but I've had consistent symptoms for about two and a half months now... it's really distressing. The most painful part has been the tip of my penis and my urethra actually. Those areas have been EXTREMELY painful... 😞

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@Tryingmybest hey, thanks for your concern. They tested for HSV through a swap test. They swabbed a couple of the ulcers in my mouth, but I'm worries that they were too healed before they actually took the tests. The blood and urine were for all the other commonly tested for STIs (HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia). The refuse to do the blood test for HSV in the UK. 

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I'm afraid I'm of no help, but your pictures did resonate with me.
I don't know how I got HSV2 or where I have it. But I do remember having some blisters in my mouth years ago and didn't think anything of it.
But I have a white mark on my lips which I didn't always have and am wondering if these could be a sign of oral hsv. Sorry, it's not a very clear picture.

I'd appreciate any insight.


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@DeMar Hello,

The white mark you are referring to is the lighter-colored skin that spans across the corner of the lips vertically, correct? 

If so, that looks like it could be a simple chappedness. 

Also, if you use toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide or a whitening agent, it can cause your lips to be dry and cause burning or chappedness. 

Rest assured, that doesn't look like HSV to me. Have you noticed any other symptoms like burning or itching? Also, is the area raised or bumpy? 

I hope this helps! 


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Yeah, that's it. It's not chapped or dry skin but more like tiny blisters. Even that's not a very good discription. I'll try and take a clearer picture tomorrow.
It's also permanent and there is no itching burning or any other feeling that accompanies it.
It doesn't cause me distress but I remember noticingit years ago and thinking, what is that? Has that always been there.
Thanks for your reply Grace

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