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Still confused

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I'm sorry that you are confused. It will be okay! 

Yes, HSV-1 can be transmitted from genital to genital contact, however there are a few factors that impact the transmission rates and risk. 

First, not as much research has been done to stud genital HSV-1, as it has really increased in recent decades and wasn't as documented previously. So, there may be cases of GHSV-1 spread via genital contact out there, but they may not be as documented! 

Second, those with vaginas are more likely to contract HSV in general because of biology. Also, the intensity of the GHSV-1 someone has can impact the likelihood that they could spread it. Some people have GHSV-1 with only one or two outbreaks their whole lives. Others may have regular outbreaks. Others may be asymptomatic. Regardless, transmission is possible, just let likely due to lower outbreak/viral shedding rates! 

So, is transmission of GHSV-1 to another's genitals possible? Yes. But, it is generally less likely than GHSV-2. Likelihood of transmission rates for both increase when condoms or safe-sex items aren't used, and generally for those with vaginas are more at risk to contract GHSV-1 and/or 2. 

So to answer your question, yes, but it's not likely, and other factor influence transmission likelihood or risk. 

I hope this helps! 

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There is research about it, and it's plenty. 

  • 50-80% Americans already have oral HSV-1. 
  • Ask your future partner to get tested. Probably he/she already has it.When you already have oral hsv-1, chances of getting in other place are minimal (super rare, in fact) because you build inmunity.
  • You get genital hsv-1 when you enter you sexual life without having acquired the oral hsv-1 in your chilhood, and your first contact to the virus is through oral sex. A person with oral hsv-1 performs oral sex in a person without hsv-1.
  • Tranmission of genital HSV-1 from genital to genital is extremely low. Viral shedding of HSV1 is from 1% to 3% compared to 15-30% of genital HSV2. Viral shedding is when you shed the virus without symptoms.
  • Since the genital area is not its' prefered/favorite place, outbreaks recurrence is less than one per year. Most people with hsv-1 get 1-3 outbreaks in 2-3 years and thats all. (there are exceptions like always).
  • As long as a person with genital HSV-1 is not having an outbreak, they can be pretty sure that they are not shedding the virus.
  • Terry Warren, top researcher about this, says: disclosure of genital HSV-1 is more trust than transmission.
  • You got genital herpes, but you were lucky enough to get the nicer one: HSV-1.
  • Yes. There is research about it.


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@My thoughts I've tried to get tested multiple times. The doctors at the sexual health clinic here in the UK have swabbed a couple of ulcers in my mouth, but by the time I booked an appointment with them during the pandemic, they have healed to the point where the tests have come up negative both times. They do not do blood analysis. The sexual health clinic is now refusing to do further tests on me because of these two negative tests. In my genital region have not had any sores emerge, but the end  of my penis has been red, inflammed, and sore for almost two months and I have also had a TON of pain in my urethra. I feel like I'm living in a nightmare. Not sure how I'm going to carry on. 😞

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@Karl44 I say your best bet is to get back to CAN as soon as you can and get an appointment with your doctor and request a referral for a virologist or urologist (or both). 

Don't take the doctors' dismissiveness personally. The way other treat you is a reflection of them, not of you. You have every reason to request tests! It is great you are taking charge of your health. That should be rewarded, not ignored!! 

You can make it through this. You are stronger than you think, and so is your body. Our bodies are our friends. They keep us well, and every cell is trying to help you heal right now. Although it seems like the world and your body are against you, I promise they are for you. Things will get better. We are here to support you however you need. 

There is hope and better things are ahead. I promise ❤️

Reach out if you need anything!! 🌄

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