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Lesions Not healing with Acyclovir


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I just wanted to reach out and see if anyone can relate to my experience. I'm pretty sure I'm having my first genital herpes outbreak. The thing is, it's been lasting a really long time. It started around a month ago with one paper cut-like lesion at the top of my vulva and I eventually got a lot more of these lesions. I got prescribed acyclovir pretty soon after the outbreak started and took it for about 15 days. I only just stopped because I don't really feel like irs doing much at this point. Most of my other symptoms are finally starting to resolve, but my original lesion is still kind of there. It went through the whole process of weeping and crusting over but now it's sort of a red mark that still itches and looks raw. The doctor I've been seeing at planned parenthood thinks there's no way my symptoms are herpes because my lesions didn't look like typical herpes sores (more like paper cuts) and this one hasn't really gone away with acyclovir. I just really feel like it is herpes because so many of my other symptoms are lining up, my partner has herpes, and I always test negative for yeast (even took fluconozole just in case and it didn't help). Has anyone else had this experience with a first outbreak? Maybe it's not herpes but I'm pretty confused about what else it could be. 

Thanks in advance for any input,


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Hi, Lula! 

I am so sorry that you are struggling with the long primary outbreak. 

The thing with H is that it affects every single person differently. Some people may not "check all the boxes" when it comes to classic symptoms so often times doctors dismiss the possibility just based off a visual exam of the lesions/sores/cuts!

The vulva is a really sensitive, and there have been other posts of people explaining they had paper cut like cuts on their inner and outer labia. Thrush is a cause of this but I am sure that others have their HSV present as cuts. 

Is there anyone on the site who has tested positive for H and has cuts as sores during outbreaks? 

Please share and support our friend Lula!! 

Blessings ❤️


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Thank you so much for the input 🙂

I really appreciate it! I've definitely heard of others having paper cut-like symptoms. I'm mostly confused about how long my lesions are lasting and the fact that acyclovir hasn't made them clear up. The doctor told me that this means there's no way it's H but I'm not so sure. 

anyway thank you so much for the support and have a good evening,


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Hi, @Lula22

i hope you've been feeling at least a little bitter since you last posted!

Yes, the fact that the antivirals aren't working does add in a possibility that it may not be H, however sometimes people need to try two or even three different antivirals before they find the one that works for them. Have you tried Famcyclovir or Valtrex?  Perhaps another antiviral type may show results and healing!! 

Sending healing vibes and blessings your way 🌄!

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