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Spreading to other areas of body?

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I have very mild sacral hsv2, only ever had one outbreak but do tend to get tingling a lot down there with no outbreak. My question is, you you transmit herpes yourself to other areas of the body? I see differing opinions.

for example, say I touched the area of my original outbreak and then touched my thigh, would it spread to my thigh? I just wondered in terms of transmission and being safe when intimate.


if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂 


thanks x

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This is a great question that so many people wonder about!! 

In short, no, you cannot transmit HSV to yourself. The only ways you could are if it is your primary outbreak and your body hasn't built up IgG antibodies yet. However, if you've had HSV for 12+ weeks, you should be safe 🦋

Now, could you give yourself HSV even with your antibodies? Yes, if perhaps you had an autoimmune disorder that impacted your ability to build up antibodies. 

Let's say you don't have an autoimmune disorder and it's been 12+ weeks. You could still infect yourself hypothetically but you would REALLY have to try! As a social worker once told me, "You'd literally have to rub your hand around down there while you're shedding and like, lick your hand all over." 😂 

A good rule of thumb, if you ever feel a little worried, it's okay to abstain from intimacy. You deserve to feel safe and comfortable during intimacy! Tingling is typically a sign that you are shedding the virus, so when you feel tingling I would recommend abstaining from intimacy as well. 

I hope this helps!! 🌻



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