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Extreme itching.. help??

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So I found out I have HSV2, approx 4 weeks ago. My initial symptoms were lots watery discharge, fatigue, flu like symptoms and couple spots. Also painful bum and general soreness down below with pain when weeing. I took aciclivor for 5 days which helped make me feel better in myself and cleared up the spots, however I still have general soreness and stings a bit when I wee. The worst thing though is I am constantly itchy-like really bad, it’s not thrush been checked and treated for it. Tried creams too but nothing is working. It’s so much worse at night and at the moment the only thing that is helping is a cold wet flannel that seems to soothe it and helps me get some sleep, I am so tired all the time. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance.

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I am so sorry you've been experiencing those pesky symptoms. Since you just had your first outbreak, and the first outbreak is usually the most severe, it is normal to have lingering itch, uncomfortable feelings, and painful urination since your body did experience a pretty intense and unfamiliar thing! The itch can be due to new skin growth, which happens after sores heal. Painful urination can be due to having internal sores (you can have sores in the urethral cavity and inside the vaginal cavity) which can cause urination discomfort. I had my frost outbreak a few years ago, and my ability to hold in my urine was impacted. It's like, I get this terrible pinch-like cramp when I have to hold in my urine for a little while. 

Overall, please know your post-first outbreak symptoms are normal. 

Something that might help soothe the skin is misting ice water on the area (buy a little spray bottle, wash it, and fill it with ice water and set it to the mist setting!)

You could also try freezing washcloths, or sleeping with an ice pack. 

If symptoms continue or worsen, make sure to talk to a doctor. You could see a dermatologist or you can ask your primary doctor for referrals to a virologist or a dermatologist, etc. 

I hope this helps!! Stay strong. You are not alone. We are here to listen and offer advice any time! 

Sending blessings your way 🌻

-- grace

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Thanks so much for your reply Grace.

I can wee normally, that’s not an issue thankfully it just stings a little, maybe there is/was a sore inside, the vulva area does seem a little swollen.

The itch is just everywhere, one minute can be vagina, next bum etc etc, so it’s not just where the sores were it’s all over, the only thing helping me to sleep at night is a cold wet flannel between my legs which isn’t ideal, but it helps. I have read Somewhere that it can be to do with the nerves misfiring signals? Just hope it doesn’t go on forever, feel like my life is overtaken by this, and I can’t tell people. Having to pretend like ve got a water infection butI’m being questioned so much 😭.

 Thanks again for your reply, I have a call from the nurse in the sexual health clinic on Thursday xx

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