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Body itchiness


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Hello everyone!


First of all I want to share how I got herpes 11 years ago, its was from drinking water from a water tap because I was thirsty.


Second, I got this blisters on my mouth ( on the same place where I touched the water tap to drink water ) usually once a year but is getting not so frequent in more recent years ( Gladly! ) , but the thing is, even when the blisters disappear, once I got herpes 11 years ago I got this incredibly irritating and super uncomfortable itchiness all over my body all the time, I tried everything, I tried antihistamines, I tried antihelminthics, I spoke with my family doctor and he almost said I was hallucinating and was crazy, which made me think about it for a while, but I not crazy and I do feel this uncomfortable itchiness all over my body all the time.


I want to ask, does anyone has the same symptoms??

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I am so sorry that I never responded to your post! I sincerely apologize. Things have been hectic. My grandparents have been ill (one has shingles and the other has three broken ribs from being stubborn and climbing a ladder by himself).

First, I am so sorry that you are experiencing these symptoms, and I am so sorry that your doctor was dismissive and made you feel like you were hallucinating. That's NOT okay at all! You did not deserve that. 

Your body seems to be having some sort of immune response related to the cold sore, or perhaps a medication you take when you get the cold sore. Do you take anything to help the sore heal? Perhaps your body is allergic to an antiviral if you take one or a type of ointment or supplement you may take to help the cold sore? 

If you do not take anything during or after the sore, it seems that your body may be having an inflammatory response to having a outbreak. You could get a referral and go to an allergist or a virologist. They would more likely take this more seriously and have experience helping those who have allergic responses to viruses. 

I hope this helps! Stay well. 

Sending positive blessings your way! 🙂🌻

- grace

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Hey, thanks for your response.

First of all I hope your grandparents get better soon!

Second, I have no more sores a long time, its just an uncomfortable felling I have all the time since 12 years ago, its almost like I am too sensitive and I can feel the herpes virus hiding in my body, in my nerves.

Yes, maybe I should speak to a virologists to give me exact answers, because I nee them, I am tired of not knowing what is wrong with my body.


Thanks again for your reply!

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Sorry for my misunderstanding, and thanks for the clarification! Yes, 12 years is such a long time, and you deserve to know what is happening with your body. Good luck to you, and keep us updated! What the doctor/virologist says may help others in your situation! 🍀

Thank you again for sharing your story, and Happy New Year! 🕊️🌟💛

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  • 2 months later...


I hope you are well. 

Have you been feeling any better, or have there been any changes in symptoms? Also, did you ever see a virologist or a neurologist? Your symptoms actually sound like it could be a neurological issue. My aunt with multiple sclerosis often expresses she feels a tingling or burning or feelings of being "cold" or "on fire," and it's all because of neurological-related issues. So, maybe a neurologist would best be able to help you! 🙂 

I am praying for you! Stay strong and stay faithful ❤️  

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@Dreamz see neurologist as soon as you can. Itching can be neurological symptom especially if it started after HSV infection. I have all kind of neurological symptoms thanks to HSV infection and like you I wasn't taken seriously by my family doctor. I ended in hospital with transverse myelitis at the end. I am not telling that same will happen to you but you need to be your own advocate and fight for answers. Ask for neurologist refferal. Your itching maybe isn't even connected to HSV, maybe something else is causing it and you need to find the cause of it.

Have you tried antivirals maybe? For some people they can be very effective in removing all HSV symptoms.

Best of luck! 

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I do suffer from itching all over. It’s intensified in the last couple months to my entire back, hips, shoulders, face. Scalp has been for past few years, legs as well. It gets very intense in pinpoint areas where I believe I have OBs. I’m taking antivirals but I wonder and am scared that if I go off I’ll just be covered in them based on the coverage of itches. Right now my nose is quite itchy and sore. Never had an OB there but that’s what it feels like. 
Based on recommendation here I’m going to get some vit infusions and hopefully get to see a specialist for my immune system. 
This is a terrible place to be of just so much unknown and what if’s. I hope that you get some answers and feel free to stay in touch. Maybe together we can come up with something. 

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@Bloomer Holy 🐄!!!! You're right!!

Hypothetically, the antivirals could definitely cause an allergic reaction or a side effect, such as itching.

For the Acyclovir, I checked it out for th oral route (tablet) and the IV route, and the side effects seem to be the same for both, as they were both listed together (see this source, here: https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/acyclovir-oral-route-intravenous-route/side-effects/drg-20068393). It says it is common to have itching at the site of injection (IV) but it said "rare" for "hives" and "frequency not determined" for "itching or skin rash". However, check out the super super long drugs sheet they give you when you pick up the prescription/get the medicine for the most accurate information, or call your doctor or pharmacist and they can give you a printout of the side effects for your specific medicine/pharmaceutical brand! 😺

For Valacyclovir, I checked the source below and it said "incidence not know " for th side effect of "itching".  Source: https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/valacyclovir-oral-route/side-effects/drg-20066635.  However, check out the super super long drugs sheet they give you when you pick up the prescription for the most accurate information. 

I checked Famcyclovir and it said "hives and welts", and "itching skin" as "less common" side effects. Source: https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/famciclovir-oral-route/side-effects/drg-20063776?p=1

Again, check out the super super long drugs sheet they give you when you pick up the prescription for the most accurate information, or ask a pharmacist for the best and most accurate information. 

I used the same source for all of these (Mayo Clinic) however when I examined other sources, they said different side effects.  Also, perhaps side effects HAVE been reported but the specific trials run for different pharmaceutical brands did not find any side effect with the sample populations they tested. Of course, this doesn't mean side effects aren't possible!! 

Thank you @Bloomer for bringing this to all our attention!!! 💛💛💛

Blessings!! 🍀💛☀️


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@Tiredmommaj can you try anticandida diet maybe? 

But if itch is appearing where you usually have OB's than it's reasonable to assume that you are dealing with neurological itch.

Did you try massaging St John worth oil on your skin where you have itching? Or lemon balm cream?

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Hey, I have been out for a few days, thats why I havent replied before, but thanks to all of you.

I got the first herpes infection ( or what I think it is herpes infection ) 12 years ago, and like I said the body itchiness started right after, I dont have sores anymore, but I feel this itchness all the time, very similiar to what Tiredmommaj said, its itchness in my nose, my ears, my chin, my arms, my chest, my legs, my feet, my groin, my scalpe, all over my body really, everyday for the last 12 years, all the time, I feel almost like I am trapped inside my own body and living in hell really.

I tried some anti-histamines, but to no positive result, I am a clean hygienic person and in the summer I even go a lot to the beach, which some people say in small doses cant be great to our skin.

It was just that one time that I wasnt careful and drank water from a water tap at a public party, my bad I know, but I feel I am paying a price to high.

I just want to feel good with my body and if this is really herpes I will have to deal with this hell for the rest of my life which makes me really sad, depressed and with low self steam.

I dont know what more to say...



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@Dreamz Hello,

I am so sorry that you experience such struggles. I really suggest you go to a neurologist. You don't deserve to suffer, you deserve support and healing! 

This was not your fault. It's not your fault at all! So many people use water fountains. They are in schools, at gyms, everywhere! And, you don't necessarily know if this is where you got it from. It's really unusual for oral herpes to cause such extreme tingling and pain as you described. So, it may be HSV, and maybe you do have HSV, but I don't think it would be causing all of this extreme pain. 

See a neurologist and advocate for your health ❤️ It will get better!

Sending happy healing blessings your way!  

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@Bloomeryes I’m seeing a naturopath next week and will check for candidas. It’s on the list. But the tingling and pinpoint itching I suspect is not that. 
I bought St. John’s wart but never took bc of the side effects. I wasn’t aware of a cream. Has anyone tried that, does it help? I use Melissa essential oil’s…not really helpful thus far. @Dreamz keep us posted ❤️ I’m sorry to hear yours is so similar. It’s really frustrating some days. Sending love

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@Tiredmommaj you can buy St John wort oil but it has to be really good quality. I was using it vaginaly since I have neuropathy caused by hsv infection and have vaginal burning almost always and it helped me a lot. It calms nerve irritation and reduces inflammation.

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  • 3 weeks later...

@Dreamz Hey there! I hope you're doing well. I was wondering if you got any response for your case, I've started to experience something similar lately and it's really uncomfortable, so I was wondering if this condition is possibly linked to HSV or not. I've got HSV about 7 weeks ago and a few weeks after my initial outbreak, I've started to get skin rashes all over my body, they itch very badly some bumps pop up, but then they go away on their own (normally they don't last the entire day, it happens more at night).

Yesterday, for example, I've had a little bit of chocolate and about 10min later, my entire back started itching like crazy and was covered in bumps. I've never had this reaction to chocolate before and I know that it can cause an HSV outbreak because it has arginine, but I had no idea it could trigger a skin reaction. 

Do you or anyone else know what this could be? I'm not taking any antivirals at the moment, so the itchiness can't be associated to the drugs. The only thing I'm taking is a Lysine supplement.

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@secreta Hello!

I am so sorry about your symptoms! 

Since your body is still building up antibodies for the virus, you may still not feel the best even 7 weeks after contracting H. However, the itching all over your body does not sound appropriate. 

You could go to an allergist or a dermatologist and see what is going on. Also, are there any ingredients in the Lysine supplement that you could be allergic to? 

As a lover of chocolate... I am so sorry that you got itchy after eating chocolate 🥺!

Correlation is not necessarily causation, so it may have been the chocolate or perhaps a coincidence! Are there any other things that seem to be triggering the inflammatory response? You could keep a log and see what you are doing/eating and then write symptoms as they appear and the time they occur. This is data useful for allergist and doctors in general!

I hope this helps!

Sending blessings and prayers of happiness and health your way 🙂 


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