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Does this look like herpes

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Hello and Happy Holidays (or Merry Christmas, if you celebrate it!)

I hope you are feeling okay. The light-colored bubble-looking sores in the photos do look like they could be HSV, however, it may be another dermatological condition. To help better decide if this is HSV, please answer any or all of these questions:

What part(s) of the body are the spots/sores on? 

Do the spots/sores itch, leak fluid, burn, or have a dimple in the center? 

When did you notice these spots/sores? What happened before they appeared? Any changes in diet, skin products, or physical intimacy?

Have the spots/sores changed at all since you first noticed them? 

Have you had this examined by a medical professional as of yet or do you plan on making an appointment?

Stay well! Sending blessings of health your way,


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Hi! Thanks for the reply!

they are on my inner thigh/upper butt area spread out. I noticed them a couple weeks ago by fluke as there wasn’t any pain or itch or anything.  It was hard to see but they were like red bumps of differing sizes. It wasn’t until yesterday that I figured out how to get a better look by using a mirror and my phone. They are definitely healing/going away and I’ve been feeling fine otherwise. The redder one was a bit sore yesterday if I touched it but other than that basically un noticeable. I do get bikini waxes but my last one was also a few weeks ago and unfortunately didn’t notice if they were there after that. I’ve been married for 12 years and I have been faithful the whole time. He has had cold sores in the past but not for a long time now, though it’s my understanding that spread can still happen that way. I’ve never had this before that I’ve noticed. I finally told him a couple days ago and he swears he hasn’t done anything and it seems like that could be possible, just so odd that after all this time I’d randomly get it now. We are going to make an appointment to get tested on Monday. I’m just really stressed out because it’s hard not to think I got it from him through infidelity somehow….

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Thanks for the information and additional image. 

It sounds like this may be some sort of dermatological rash. I also wax, and if wax is too hot or you wax on ingrown hairs, it can cause some painful sores. The sores can worsen if it's a friction area. If you bike or run or wear certain underwear, it may cause friction in the thigh/bottom area. 

It is great that you are going to get tested. Since it's been a little while since you first noticed the spots, testing may not be very helpful in indicating HSV. Swab tests are most useful and accurate within 72 hours of first seeing your spots/sores. An IgM antibody blood test would indicate if you were recently exposed to HSV, and an IgG antibody blood test would show if you were exposed 12+ weeks ago. IgM antibodies spike in number when exposed to HSV, but then decrease quickly in number as time passes. IgG antibodies take time, at least 12+ weeks to build up detectable numbers of. Even then, blood tests are difficult to time! Everyone's body builds up antibodies at different speeds. So, sometimes a few tests are needed to conclude a positive diagnosis. 

However, this may not be HSV. I reccomend going to get it examined by your primary doctor, and ask if they can write you a referral to a dermatologist. Explain to your doctor/dermatologist about the wax you had a few weeks ago. Facilities can often not clean tools or wax items properly and infections can occur. 

I am sorry that the fear of unfaithfulness has arose. It is possible to transfer HSV oral coldsores to another through oral sex. Your husband may have transmitted it to you without knowing. 

Remain rational and calm, and ask him again about things, explaining that it's about physical health and wellbeing. If anything ever happened, honesty is the best policy. However, before jumping to conclusions and giving in to fear and worrying, get it examined by a doctor. Also, ask him if he's ever noticed a rash like this on his body before. 

I hope this helps! 

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Thank you so much! We are both trying to remain rational and he wants to go get tested as well so we will be going together. We have good history and he doesn’t have unaccounted for time that I’m aware of so trying to stay positive. Also wanted to add that I haven’t noticed them break open and ooze. Would it be noticeable? They’re just kind of scabbing now and healing. 
thanks again!

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That's great that you are focused on the rational side of everything! 🌟😊 It's also awesome that he also wants to get tested. A team effort always makes things better! 

In regards to the breaking open and releasing fluid, that is a pretty classic sign of a herpes sore. However, sometimes sores skip stages of healing. The classic stages are: red raised bump with dimple, fills with fluid and forms head, sore breaks open and releases fluid, scab forms, scab falls off leaving new skin. Typically, HSV sores will break open in some way. However, it is possible for them to appear without breaking open, too! 

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