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RVx201 vaccine?

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I try to keep up with the science concerning vaccines and or cures and I feel like I usually understand the science/verbiage fairly well but this has me stumped.  Does anyone understand the impact of the human trials for this candidate?  Would this potentially make for a full vaccine and prohibit transmission from an infected person to a non infected person?  It seems the research was done in UK but human trials have started in LA California. I guess I’m suprised I can’t find more information about this.  BTW. I do know this is NOT what the Jerome Project is doing. They are seeking a permanent cure. The RVx201 seems to be a potential vaccine but It is not clear to me if it will also be used to lesson symptoms or help an any other ways. Does anyone have any insights? 

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To reply to my own post. I would like to offer just my personal opinion and I’m not a doctor but I teach an honors Biology course in a public high school.  So this is just my opinion but I think I have some level of credibility.  From what I see Herpes is “on the clock” and it’s days are numbered. Keith Jerome and his team are going to end this. Their meganucleases and vectors of transportation and “finding the virus while hidden in ganglion” is crazy impressive. People… just hold on. 20 years ago they said it was a hopeless cause and Herpes would never be cured. A lot has changed in 20 years. I hope this information gives someone some encouragement. 

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It's great that you stay up to date with the scientific studies out there. I am hopeful for a herpes vaccine, too! I haven't done much research in regards to the current studies and work being done to help create a cure, but I definitely will check it out! Thank you for your positive outlook on the future. You are so right-- a lot of progress has been made for herpes understanding and research, answer still have a lot to go, especially in terms of social understanding of HSV! 

Blessings to you and Happy New Year! 🌟🕊️

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