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First Outbreak Won’t End

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Hi everyone.  First, thanks to everyone who is here and all of the great and supportive posts.  I have read a large amount of this forum over the past few weeks.

i had my first HSV-1 genital outbreak Saturday, December 4th. I am a 49yo female.  I had sex with a new partner exactly one week before. Classic symptoms for the most part, huge swollen glands in my neck and groin.  I had a sinus infection at the time so I contributed the neck glands to that.  I spiked a fever and that night had an extremely itchy anus.  It originally seemed like hemorrhoids on steroids!  It was all in my anus.  I have never had anal sex, so odd it manifested this way.   I was in horrible pain.  I have two children so I have had hemorrhoids but nothing ever like this.  I also had odd nerve sensations all around the area, discharge, etc.  i tried to look with a mirror and it didn’t look nearly as bad as it felt.  However, I happened to notice something on my left labia while I was looking.  Two tiny white ulcers.  Tiny and no pain. the next day it burned when I peed terribly.  Wednesday, I went to the doctor.  She looked at my anus and said it dis not look like herpes.  She said it looked like I had a severely prolapsed hemorrhoid and told me she wanted me to see a surgeon.  I asked her if she would look at the things on my labia and she kind of rolled her eyes at me but looked anyway.  She immediately said, that looks like herpes.  She cultured the sores and sent me home with a prescription for valicylovir  500 mg 2x a day for a week.  Of course, I was devastated, angry and scared.  I have always had friends with herpes and have had a very irrational fear of it.

i have been totally exhausted ever since.  I barely leave the house (I work remotely) and at dusk seem to fall apart with symptoms and exhaustion.  I sleep 12 hours a day mostly.  I had to go out and by new cotton underwear and usually run and take classes 3-4 times a week.  I have run only once since this started.  I had a blood test and urinalysis done and it same back with blood in my urine.  I was just bleeding a lot for the first week or more so no surprise.  It also came back with an IgM of 1.82 and the culture was positive too.  

The symptoms did not subside with the first round of valicylovir so she prescribed a  second round at 3 x per day.

i was also starting to have oral issues.  Burning sensation on the tip of my tongue, sore throat, tinnitus in my left ear, pain behind my eyes.  I was at a holiday party and went to the bathroom and noticed something on my lip, I thought it was food but realized it was a little tiny sore.  I told my doctor and she suggested it was a reaction to the valicyclovir.  Yes, that is right.  My doctor told me the anti-virals were causing herpes symptoms in my mouth!!!!  Seriously, the majority of the medical community is totally clueless.

My genital area has improved greatly, mostly seems to be lingering nerve pain now.  My mouth has continued to worsen.  Gum issues, burning saliva, and little blisters all on the insides of my lips.  It is not visible to anyone.  After consulting Dr. Google, I see that these are all symptoms of a primary oral outbreak as well.  Lucky me!

I am taking B-complax, lysine 1000 mg 3x a day, using Abreve and lemon balm on my lip.  My doctor is on vacation.  I am on my 3rd round of antivitals.  This tome acyclovir 400mg 3x a day.  I just started that yesterday and have noticed symptoms worsening below deck.  I also currently have Covid  (tis the season) but my symptoms of that are mild.   I do know it isn’t helping with  my immune system right now.  

I read  today that 400 mg of acyclovir is not as much as 500 valicylovir.  So I took two pills for my last dose.  I actually feel like that helped and plan to continue that way through the rest of the bottle.

Looking for others who have had such a strong outbreak even with so much antivirals?? 

i am trying to be strong and positive but finding my doctor to be a dope and not much real support from friends and family.  I have decided not to tell anyone else because I don’t feel like anyone actually cares.



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First, I am so sorry you've been hit with the storm of so many things; HSV symptoms in two places, a sinus infection, and COVID! You don't deserve this at all. Please know this is not your fault. 

You are not dirty. You are not bad. You are not any less of a person for having HSV. You are pure. You are good. You are worthy! Hold you head high! 

In regards to the post-sex symptoms, perhaps you had a hemorrhoid flare-up. Did the doctor offer anything else to help with the pain, or offer an explanation as to how this flare-up was specifically caused? I hope you heal soon! 

In regards to the HSV symptoms, they align with the timeframe you mentioned and the blisters you mentioned and the nerve symptoms all sound like HSV. It's great you had a blood and swab test to confirm. Have you talked about it with you current partner? 

The Valacyclovir may have caused the adverse oral reactions you mentioned. That actually is indicative of a serious allergic reaction, especially if you felt irritation in your throat or your breathing was impacted. I would not take Valacyclor again. Tell the doctor who prescribed it that you experienced serious adverse side effects. Ask your doctor or an OBGYN (or both) if Famcyclovir or Acyclovir would be a better antiviral alternative, or if they also would cause adverse side effects. 

 The oral sore sounds like you have oral HSV and genital HSV. Don't worry- there is hope! 🌟🕊️ 

Also, having a sinus infection AND COVID definitely is not helping your immune system. The reason why your symptoms may be lasting so long is because your body is under such stress, and stress (both physical and emotional) can worsen and even trigger outbreaks. 

I am praying for you! 🌟💛 Stay strong. We are here to answer any questions you have! 



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