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Recent positive Hsv1 result - but I've also had cold sores?

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Hi everyone,

Last month, I noticed some sores appearing on my genitals. I got them checked out at the doctor, and she examined them for 30 seconds and told me it's most likely herpes. Then I ended up testing postive for Herpes 1 with the blood test.

I did some research and know that once you get herpes the virus stays with you forever. I also know Hsv1 is most commonly oral herpes and causes cold sores (though genital hsv1 is getting increasingly more common). I've had a cold sore before. If I've had herpes 1 this whole time since (at least) having a cold sore, how do I know for sure that these genital sores are also herpes? Is it common to get oral herpes and also genital herpes?


Also thank you everyone for contributing your thoughts and support on this forum. It's been a stressful month to say the least since finding out my positive result, and reading through the posts here have given me a little bit of clarity.

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I hope you are well! 

Thank you for asking such great question and sharing your story with us all! 

What type of blood test was it, an IgG or an IgM? If you came back positive for an IgG test, this means you've had HSV-1 for 12+ weeks, as IgG antibodies take a while for your body to build up. This would make perfect sense since you get oral cold sores, which are typically HSV-1. 

So, either you have oral HSV-1 (hence positive test) and some other type of rash on your genital area, OR you have oral HSV-1 and genital HSV-1 (very unlikely, but possible), OR you have oral HSV-1 and genital HSV-2 (if you took an IgG blood test, it's possible the test didn't pick up on HSV-2 since it hasn't been long enough for your body to produce a detectable amount of IgG antibodies). 

If it was an IgM test, and it came back positive for HSV-1, it would be more likely that the new sores are HSV-1. 

Have you taken any antivirals? And if so, have they made the sores go away? Also, did you notice any other symptoms associated with the sores, and have you been intimate with anyone who has HSV-1  or HSV-2? 

I hope this helps!! 

Sending Blessings your way! 🌻🕊️

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Thanks for your answer 🙂

Just checked and it looks like I took an IgG test. Shoot, now I'm nervous I have HSV-2. The test was about a week and a half after sores started showing up.

To clarify though, I don't often get cold sores. I maybe have once or twice ever and it's been 3 years since my last one.

I have not taken any antivirals. Doctor said no need for any medication as of now. As far as symptoms with the genital sores, little bit of itchiness but no pain. There's actually little scabs that are still healing.

I also had a similar problem back in May of last year when I hadn't been sexually active in a long while, but I assumed it was irritation that was caused by shaving. IDK! Just overthinking lol

Very kind of you to take the time to address everyone's concerns. Thanks so much!

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Hi, flower just wanted to check with you. Incase if my wife which I feel has 5  percent chance because I know how much she loves me and she won't be able to take it. How not to transmit other and baby. I know I have to take anti viral drug everyday and not have intimacy with her. What else ?

Also I wanted to tell you are one of the greatest human being I have ever seen. You just help strangers like me for no reason taking out your time. 

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@Orange Hello!

You can still be intimate with your wife, even with HSV! So many people on this forum live happy, healthy intimate lives with their partner, and have children. You can be sexually active with herpes, you just have to be safe. 

To help lower the risk of transmission, you can ...

1. take suppressive antiviral medication

2. use protection, such as an external or internal condom

3. avoid physical intimacy when you are experiencing prodrome symptoms (warning signs an outbreak is about to occur) or when you are having an outbreak

It will be okay! 🙂

Aw, also, thank you so much, that's so kind of you. I completely empathize with you all. Even though we all have had different experiences, we all can help one another heal. So, thank you for sharing your story with us and helping others who may be in a similar situation! We are helping so many others without even knowing it! 🙂  

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