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Have you seen a marked Increased Genital herpes outbreaks since the Pfizer Biontec Covid Vaccine?

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Since having my 2 doses of the Pfizer Biontec Vaccine I have gone from 2 outbreaks a year treated with acyclovir to 2 outbreaks a month. 800mg of Acyclovir 4 times a day for a week doesn’t work. A therapeutic does of 800mg a day hasn’t reduced the outbreaks and this has been since April 2021.

I have read some hypothesis that the vaccine may interfere with immune receptors and want to see if there is a trend. It’s hard to gather data about this because us Herpes sufferers are private. But wondered if any of you have had the same experience? If so did you report this as an adverse reaction and have you found a way to cope?

My relationship is suffering and I am in frequent pain… I want to make sure others don’t suffer..

finally have you caught covid? So far I haven’t ..wondered if there was a link there too?

I want to understand what is going on and would love to hear from you 🙏

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I am so sorry that you have been experiencing such pain. 😞 

There is hope! You will get through this and we are here to support you.

Since the vaccine and COVID are so new, the medical field is still trying to piece everything together and how it interconnects with peoples' already-existent health conditions. Furthermore, there aren't too too many studies out there about HSV since the majority of the world has it (but I think this makes it all the more reason to conduct research on it, since so many people have it!).

I am going to call the University of Washington Virology Clinic this week and ask them about this issue, and see what information they can offer regarding COVID and HSV outbreaks.

I'm so sorry your relationship is suffering. It is NOT your fault. You need love and acceptance right now, not judgement and shame and loneliness. Maybe, express this to your partner and perhaps it could lead to a positive discussion and support. 🙂 

Stay strong! 

Sending prayers your way!

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Hi, my first ever OB was in May 2021 and no OB until my second shot in October. And then another OB in mid December. Considering my primary outbreak was in May and managed to go 5 months without an OB, and suddenly 2 OB's after my booster. It does appear to affect HSV and outbreaks. I hope I will make it past January and beyond without an OB, hopefully the body just needs to adjust and OB's subside.

Take care

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  • 3 weeks later...

I had initial ob over 5 years ago and haven't had another till just recently and it was much worse than my initial ob. I have had both vaccines and a booster back in Sept but I still got Covid for xmas but it was very mild....but a couple of weeks later I had my first ob since 5+years. I asked my doctor if it could be related to recently having covid and he said it was possible. Needless to say disheartening.

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  • mr_hopp changed the title to Have you seen a marked Increased Genital herpes outbreaks since the Pfizer Biontec Covid Vaccine?


I have exactly the same as you. After my second pfizer, the outbreaks just don't go away anymore. Its been 3 months since the second injection and I am starting outbreak number 8. Normally i would have 2 or 3 per year, when I am sick or sometimes because I have my period or so.  I jave never taken valavyclovir but now i have to be on it. I also take therapeutic dose for prevention but still every week i jave an episode of swollen lymfenodes and nervepain. With all the anxiety of obsessing over every little itch. I think this will kill my relationship. I am so afraid I'll pass it on now and we haven't been intimate for months. I maybe have 1 or 2 days where I think it's not there. I have been taking the valacyclovir now 2 times per day for 3 or 4 weeks but I can still feel the virus breaking through. I am also on a naturopathic solution, lysine/viraclear, adek vitamins, vitamin b and iron. Its just terrible and and very worried this damage of the vaccine was irriversable. When I call my docter he just kind of says oh well, its just temporary and just live with it and it will go away. But he can't really know. We are all  to be forced in western Australia to take a third and this is no reason  for expemtion. Without my third I can soon not go to the bottle shop, or any place except super market not can I go see my family in Europe. Border are closer for 2 years now. We were gonna open under the condition 90% of people would have double dose. So we did. 1 week before borders would open they reversed the decision untill further notice. Now the third will be mandatory too. So all of these outbreaks for nothing. There is only omicron here and hardly anyone is sick of it. I did report it yesterday to the Australian organisations. Where else should I report? I just feel nobody cares really.

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If anyone believes to have more outbreaks post vaccination, please report it. It needs to be investigated what is causing this and if the effect is reversible or irriversable. I also reported it on the pfizer website and the TGA in Australia. All the best to you all and thanks for sharing.

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Hello @Wen1234,

I am so sorry that you have been struggling with the physical and emotional stressors in your life. Please know you are not alone; we are all here to support you! 

It sounds like the vaccine may have caused your body to go into a really extreme inflammatory immune response as the virus was reintroduced to your body. When the body is struggling, it can trigger outbreaks, and it sounds like your body is just working in overdrive. I am so sorry. You don't deserve this. It will get better ❤️. If you doctor is not helpful, as for a referral to another doctor; an OBGYN, a virologist, or an immunologist. They are specialists and perhaps could help you navigate this and heal.  

In terms of your relationship, love is the strongest force on the planet. H can't come between that!! Don't let fear prevent you from enjoying your relationship, and neither should your partner. A kind partner will understand what you are going through and sympathize. It's not your fault. ❤️

Be kind to yourself and take care ❤️ You are in my thoughts and prayers!!



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