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Long term sufferer with very frequent herpes out breaks

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I was diagnosed about 20 years ago, I caught it from an unfaithful partner. 

I didn't have many outbreaks to start with, but as I've got older they now come very frequently. 

I have about 4 to 6 outbreaks a year, sometimes lasting up to 6 weeks or more.  Although the blisters are small and few and it's not those that bother me so much, it's the other symptoms I get before the blisters, during and after.

I get lower back pain roughly a week before the blisters appear and areas of my skin feel like I've been burnt, they feel very sore to touch and this can vary in places like my foot or thigh and often my right hand. 

I get headaches and often feel very flu like.  This past few episodes my joints feel extremely painful. 

I have an auto immune illness, which I suppose doesn't help matters as everytime I get a cold or an infection I tend to get an outbreak soon after.


I was wondering if anyone else suffers this way and also wondering how others cope and if you find other medicines helpful. 


Thank you for reading. 

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I hope you are well 🌻.

Thanks so much for sharing your story! I am very sorry someone was unfaithful to you. You did not deserve that. 

The outbreaks may be becoming more frequent and last longer due to your autoimmune illneses, and also possibly hormones. Depending on your age, your hormones may be fluctuating, which could be causing these spikes in outbreak severity and length. 

Have you talked to any of you doctors about suppression medicine which you could take every day to help stop or reduce these outbreaks and symptoms? Perhaps they could prescribe Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, or Famcyclovir. 

I hope this helps! 

You are loved. You are worthy of love and happiness. ☀️🌈

Blessings ☀️!

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I caught mine years ago and never had outbreaks until I reached my mid 30s. I get them extremely frequently and the itching from the prodrome stage is unreal. I have never been down about hsv until now, even though I'm not that down about it, just wish I didn't want to stick a bottle brush up my kiester all the time. I firmly believe it's hormones, feckin female hormones. 

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Hello, @My_dog_is_hungry.

I am so sorry you have been struggling with the prodrome symptoms. You don't deserve this pain. Please know that there is hope, and it is temporary, especially if it is due to hormones. 

Hormones are a trigger for many people, especially people who get their period. If you notice your symptoms getting worse around your cycle, you could talk to your OBGYN and possibly try a method of hormonal birth control to level your hormones out. I have PMDD and I have been on birth control to help regulate my moods, and it has helped, which is great. At first, I was worried the introduction of the pill might actually cause outbreaks, but it didn't which is wonderful. 

Other things that may help are exercise and stress reducing techniques, especially because hormones can cause stress and then we stress about the fact that we feel stressed, and it causes a cycle of stress! 😞 

If you ever need to vent, please feel free!

I hope that you feel better!! I am sending you happy healing thoughts and prayers! ❤️ 



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Hi @Wendy,

I do not have any autoimmune problems yet I experience what you describe. I too have had this genital version a long time now (33 years) and the prodrome symptoms seem to be getting worse the older I am!

So I experience the following symptoms: very stiff neck and associated headache, sore joints, achy back, abdominal pain, fatigue and sometimes a very sudden low mood (1-2 days). A lot of flu-like symptoms. I also notice these outbreaks seem to come in waves that go on for weeks on end and then it all stops. Triggers I have noticed include caffeine, chocolate and sex.

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Wendy, you have a lot of people on here that know your situation as you can see from a few of the replies...  You are not alone in this even if those moments feel as though you are..  I've had it 20+ yrs now... some would suggest taking the HSV pills they have out there...  I try to do this all naturally so I personally don't do any medications... I've talked to Dr.'s that just look and stare after I asked for help... All comes down to trial & error over the years...


   Sometimes when you are in a stressful situation... it brings on the prodrome...  If you get easily stressed out about stuff, yea you'll get outbreaks happening more often... if you are a carefree type, then pat yourself on the back... that's ideally how you should be with this where it will not move through the body.. it'll stay dormant so you can live your life normal..


   Lastly, yes, the mood thing, itchy colon, gurgling stomach, back aches, tenderness in feet, and flu like symptoms are the WORST! Just remind yourself it's just a stage in this and it's continuing to improve each day as the body builds a new tolerance..  Trigger #1 for me - Stress followed by sex


  Food Trigger - Chocolate, alcohol, greasy food

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