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Vaginal burning after herpes sores have healed-- is this normal?

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I had vaginal intercourse a week ago (Saturday)-- unfortunately the friction triggered a genital hsv1 outbreak (not my first rodeo, but not fun regardless). Although the early symptoms started essentially the next day, I didn't realize my sores until 4 days later (Wednesday). Immediately after noticing them, I started valtrex treatment of 1000mg/day. It is now Saturday and it looks like the sores have completely healed (they honestly looked healed as early as Thursday), but the burning inside and around the outside of my vagina has not subsided (it may have gotten worse but I may be just overthinking it lol). It's been a little while since my last outbreak so I can't remember if this is normal-- does anyone else experience continued irritation even after the sores have healed? Wondering if I should look into other causes of the irritation.

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I hope you are feeling better! 

I am happy that the outbreaks cleared up after taking the Valtrex. It is possible that the friction from sex caused some burning and irritation. Also, it is possible to have sores inside the vaginal cavity. Even though the sores cleared up, it is possible that the skin is still working to heal up the blisters. Skin cells are wonderful because they are able to reproduce quickly to help areas heal, but of course it is normal for things to still not feel the best down there. Friction from sex, especially from a new sex partner, can cause irritation down there, too! New sex partners expose our sensitive vaginal pHs to new bacteria and the body takes time to adjust.

Also, have you noticed any other symptoms? 

I hope this helps! 

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You're a gem! Thank you so much for responding 🙂 your words are so helpful and comforting. I think I just am overthinking because I really like this new sex partner lol and I'm annoyed that I'm kinda out of commission down there right now. I'm going to just give my body some time to do what it needs to do though. Currently my main symptom is the burning in and around my vagina and near my anus-- I'm also experiencing some milky white discharge (all of these are familiar symptoms of a recurrent outbreak for me, I just thought it was weird that they kinda intensified during the healing stage of the outbreak). 


It might be helpful to mention that I originally thought this outbreak was a yeast infection and so I took monistat 1 last Sunday  or monday-- could that be contributing to worsening my symptoms? 

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Yes, it's totally normal to feel not the best down there after intimacy, especially with a new partner. Give your body some time to rest and heal. It is odd that the symptoms intensified during the healing stage. It could be possible that the Monistat caused some burning or other issues. You also could have a yeast infection and an outbreak at the same time, since the pH of the vagina is so sensitive, changes in pH or introducing new bacteria into that area can cause discomfort!

If it doesn't go away soon, head to the OBGYN.

🙂 Feel better!

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