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Experiencing Weird/New OBs/Symptoms

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Hi everyone! 22F here. I have just joined this forum after lurking on and off for the last year or so. A little about me, I was first diagnosed with gHSV-2 about two years ago. I contracted it from someone I was in a relationship with at the time. I tried not to linger much on it, but I believe he knew he had it and just didn't say anything. That in itself can cause a lot of trauma. My first outbreak was very very severe. For reference, there is a website where people share their outbreaks with other people for educational purposes. A young woman shared her outbreak and many people commented saying that it was the worst they'd ever seen. Well, my first outbreak was worse than hers. I had so many sores inside that my labia became essentially glued together and sores everywhere on the outside down to my anus as well. I quickly began taking valacyclovir and since then would occasionally have an OB every 3-4 months that would take the form of one or two bumps closer to my pubic mound, not really around my vagina at all. These were not clusters and were not ulcers, but felt more like ingrown hairs, the only difference being how they felt which was usually a bit painful and irritating. 

Anyway, towards the end of November my grandma passed away due to Covid and at her funeral I contracted Covid as well. The virus was actually pretty hard on me and lasted longer than it did my other family members. I believe I had an OB during this time but cannot remember. Since then I have been documenting my OBs and symptoms. In December I had another OB around Christmas. another one towards the end of January, and another one at the beginning of March, This is much more frequent than they were before and I have been very discouraged over it. Not only are they more frequent, but in new locations, and much more severe. What was just one or two bumps near my pubic mound is now a handful of bumps right near the entrance of my vagina which can be very painful. Aside from that, I am now also getting what looks like papercuts on my anus and also near the entrance of my vagina. At first I thought these were due to wiping too hard after using the bathroom, but I don't think so now. 

Also, I have had constant prodrome symtpoms for about 2 months now, and I mean constant. All day long my legs, feet, and buttocks tingle. At night I feel tingles sometimes around my vagina or anus. However, as of late I cannot see any sort of outbreak happening. I have been taking my antiviral and am not taking red marine algae and Lysine, and also taking things like Vitamin C to boost my immunity because I believe this could have all stemmed from Covid. I have no way to know for sure, but this is my best guess. I am trying to handle it as best as possible, but my partner is wanting to have sex soon and I am not sure what to do. My last OB was the beginning of March, but I still have this constant nerve pain. I am also discouraged because I wonder how long this will last. Will my outbreaks always be this frequent now, or is my body trying to tell me something else? The constant nerve pain isn't necessarily painful, but can be so irritating especially at night. I just feel a bit lost and am trying to keep my spirits/health up, but I don't know what else to do.

Thanks in advance to those who read/reply to this. Hope you are all doing well, too, and I am happy to be here. 

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Sorry for the delay. 

I hope you are doing okay, and I am so sorry for the loss of your grandmother.

Please know that you are so strong, and you are not defined by your H in any way. You may feel weak or sad or confused, but know and believe that you are so strong and that everything will be okay. You are not alone ❤️.

Thank you again for sharing your story, as many folks can relate to having worsening of symptoms and outbreaks with COVID exposure. For so many, the vaccine placed stress on the body (normal for a vaccine do to) which can cause herpes to flare up. Similarly, any type of illness or stress (physical or psychological) can cause herpes to flare, because H is neurological (it loves in the bundle or nerves at either the top of the spine or the bottom, or both, depending on the location of your H).

I am also a 22 year old female, and I understand that being in a relationship while having H can be difficult, especially if you feel pressure to be intimate. However, your partner needs to understand your comfort and readiness matter. This is not your fault at all, and you deserve support and respect in all aspects of your life and relationship .

It sounds like your body is really working in overdrive right now, and you may benefit from IV antivirals. Sometimes they can help place the body back at a state of equilibrium, so it's not working in an extreme overdrive and goes back to it's normal balanced state. 

The constant nerve pain sounds very uncomfortable, I am so sorry you are experiencing that. The IV antivirals may help with that as well. Have you been to an OBGYN or neurologist? They may be able to offer support and advice for how to soothe your nerves. Also, the OBGYN can examine the paper cuts you mentioned. The paper cuts sound like it could be something called fissures (tiny cuts), or thrush, a skin condition which causes tiny cuts on the skin around the genital region. 

Small cuts in that region from thrush are commonly caused by candida overgrowth (yeast). Do you notice any other symptoms, such as discharge, itching, unusual smell,etc?

You also mentioned how the place where there were only one or two sores now is a larger cluster of sores; have they gone away, or is the cluster still there from the outbreak in early March? 

It is possible to have overlapping conditions, such as a yeast infection or thrush at the same time as an outbreak. I recommend you head to the OBGYN or a clinic like Planned Parenthood, get a urine screening or a culture swab for a yeast infection or thrush, and ask for a referral to a neurologist (and even a virologist). Advocate for yourself and really make sure the doctor listens to you; a lot of times doctors do not listen to younger patients, especially when it comes to writing referrals, so if you need to be super stern with them, it's totally okay to do so! Your health matters and is essential, and you deserve the highest quality of care ❤️!! 

If you have any questions or need any support, feel free to reach out.

I am praying for you! Stay strong and be kind to yourself ❤️ 🌻




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Thank you for your prompt/thoughtful reply and prayers! 

Could you tell me a bit about IV antivirals? That is something I haven't heard of before!

Also, I hadn't considered something like thrush, in truth I hadn't really heard about that either. I am not having really any other symptoms indicative of a yeast infection (like discharge, pain urinating) but I do have irritation, a bit of itchiness, and of course the papercut like marks. I am also having some pain in my abdomen. I am unable to visit a doctor for at least the next 3-4 days, but hoping afterwards that I can.

And to answer your question, yes, the cluster of sores went away within maybe 3 days, as is typical with my OBs, although this one lasted maybe a day longer than usual.

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IV or injection antivirals are used for severe outbreaks, as the antivirals are injected right into your bloodstream so they bypass digestion (when you take an oral tablet, your body has to digest the antivral which takes time, while an IV is direct into the bloodstream). Here is a reliable informational page about this! https://medlineplus.gov/druginfo/meds/a681036.html

Pain in the abdomen could be a sign of a yeast or UTI infection, and it could be a UTI since UTIs typically do not show abnormal discharge but instead irritation and pain. You could get tested for both and thrush at your doctor's appointment.

In the mean time, log your symptoms so you can tell the doctor everything, and make sure to drink liquids and wear loose clothing. Avoid any strong soaps or fabric softeners, as they can irritate that area. 

Keep us updated! 

Sending prayers and blessings of health and happiness your way 🌻🐦!

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@AFK47 sometimes after outbreak people get post herpetic neuralgia which is usually temporary and resolves after several weeks or months. It is really important to discuss this with your doctor and be sure to mention every possible symptom you have. 

Herpes isn't always in form of blisters and can manifest as paper cut wounds so it would be good to swab them next time they appear.

It is really good that you are taking immune boosting supplements and taking care of your health. Please continue to insist to get some answers from doctors because there can be some underlying isuess that have impact on your hsv infection.

Take care and good luck! 

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@Lala9292 Hi! I believe it was about a week or two, if I remember correctly. I definitely remember the beginning, it was excruciating and that lasted for about 4-5 days maybe before I got antivirals. I remember the antivirals working almost immediately it felt like. I think within another 2-3 days it was much, much more manageable but maybe not completely healed. Of course, this will be different for everyone! I laid in my bed for a long time during the day without pants/underwear. It's very important for the area to get air and avoid friction to heal. ALso, definitely don't mess with anything down there! Just be kind to yourself/body and let it heal and please do check out antivirals if you haven't—they will help a ton!

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