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Tested positive for hsv1 and hsv 2

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Hi, I’m a transgender woman. Never been tested for hsv by blood work because the doctor said it wasn’t necessary. So after these years I decided to have it included in the blood test and I get a call they found hsv 1 and 2 in my blood. Hsv at 4.85 low positive as they said. I never has symptoms. And my partners I’m with never had symptoms. The doctor said it wasn’t near and I could of had it a year or years. Am I risk infecting my boyfriend since we have unprotected sex even though I feel fine. I always thought you had to have a break out to confirm you had it. Never knew it would be in my blood. I’m confused and hurt right now 

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First, I am so sorry for the late reply. I hope you are doing okay.

Please know that everything will be alright. This is not your fault, and it will all be okay. You are not alone.

HSV is something that can lay dormant in someone for a while, and many people may only find out when they have a blood test performed. HSV-1 is something 2/3 of the world has (oral cold sores), so that makes sense that could come up. What you can do is get retested, because sometimes blood tests are inaccurate. Did you get an IgG or IgM test? You can review your blood work or ask a doctor or nurse to interpret it for you. Here you can learn about the types of blood tests and about testing: https://www.ashasexualhealth.org/herpes-testing/

The dormancy factor of HSV is what makes figuring out the timing of it so difficult. However, honestly, knowing exactly when you got it is not a necessity. Don't stress about it; it's not your fault and wht matters is your happiness and well-being in the present. What you can do is contact your past partners and let them know you tested positive via a blood test, and for them to get tested as well. They might feel as though you are trying to say it was their fault, and if they can upset just let them know it isn't a blame game or anything like that, it's just kind to let others know what is going on so they can figure out if they have it so they can protect their partners, etc. You can even say your doctor told you to address it with your past partners, etc. If you had an IgG test, that means you contracted it at least 12+ weeks ago since it takes that long for IgG antibodies to build up.

Being asymptomatic means you are unaware of when you are potentially shedding the virus. Although less common that those with symptomatic HSV, people can have asymptomatic HSV. Those who are asymptomatic do not get symptoms of outbreaks or have herpes sores. This means it's harder to tell when the virus is active and can pass to your partners. If you choose to get a second blood test for verification, you can do that first and then think about your options. You can take daily suppressants to help reduce the likelihood that you would be virally shedding, and of course you should always let your partners know the possible transmissions that can occur and how you cannot tell if the virus is virally shedding or not, etc. Here are fact sheets about HSV and transmission: https://assets.website-files.com/5bad419cb04cd52dae8f7a89/60bf0e3302177fcd83cd1752_herpes-opportunity-disclosure-handout-2021.pdf and https://assets.website-files.com/5bad419cb04cd52dae8f7a89/60bf0e2878ccd531cb33508d_herpes-opportunity-diagnosis-handout-2021.pdf

When you disclose to your current partners (or if you have already, yay!), suggest to them that they get tested for their own health and awareness. 

Regardless of their reactions, know that how people respond to you is NOT a reflection of you, it's a reflection of THEM. You are a wonderful blessing and you deserve to be happy and well, and HSV does not have the power to change how amazing and beautiful you are. Hold you head high and be kind to yourself. ❤️ 

We are here for you if you have questions or need support! 🙂 

Sending happy blessings your way 🙂,


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