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Update and a few questions

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I posted this in a different discussion post but figured i should start a new thread. I hope that is okay.


UPDATE: so after my bout of prodrome symptoms (itching and tingling feelings near the orginal ob location) a few weeks back, i took Valtrex at 1g two times a day for a week. I decided to stay on the Valtrex as my partner and I want to engage in sexual activities (which we have not yet). About two weeks later another prodrome symptom overload woke me up from my sleep. I immediately got out of bed and took an additional dose of Valtrex and continued to take 2gms twice a day for 7 days. Which also kept the OB from happening. I think masterbation (with lubricant) triggered the prodrome symptoms 

Questions: 1. Will this ever stop? It's very frustrating. I was under the assumption that ghsv1 didn't often have these mind of issues? 

2. How long after (in general) the prodrome symptoms go away and there is no outbreak am I potentially contagious? I'm still taking 1g or valtrex twice daily.

3. is it possible that Valtrex is keeping my body from developing antibodies to help keep the ghsv1 at bay?

Thank you again for all the support!

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🍀 Below is my response from the other post, but I added in another answer for your question 3.! See below at the clover🍀🍀

Please know that there is hope and this is not going to be this way forever! ☀️🌈

Since you're still pretty new to having H, it's normal for the body to still take some time to get used to it. You might get outbreaks and or prodrome more at first but as time goes on they may decrease in number and severity (especially for GHSV-1, which usually is not as frequent or severe in general).

The prodrome symptoms are most likely staying at prodrome and not causing an outbreak because you're taking medicine. So you are taking it every day, correct? Have you stopped taking it at all or missed any doses prior to this sudden prodrome occurrence? 

Have you been doing anything that may be placing stress on the lower back, or have you gotten a cold or flue recently? Sometimes physical irritation of the lower spinal nerves or even getting a cold or flu can trigger prodrome and/or outbreaks. Friction also can trigger outbreaks, such as masturbation. Tight clothing also can be a trigger. 

There is also something that can happen after you get herpes called post herpetic neuralgia. Basically, your nerve bundle at the base of your spine is inflamed and may cause the firing of neurons which cause pain or tingling. For many folks who have this/have had it, it should go away as time passes. You could ask your doctor about it and see if your situation fits the diagnosis criteria, etc. Are your prodrome symptoms mainly tingling? If so, that sounds neurological, and could be the post herpetic neuralgia.

Also, do you have any other prodrome symptoms and if so what are they?

If your prodrome symptoms get worse or increase in duration or frequency, get checked out by the doc just to make sure you're okay. 

To answer your second question, typically about 7 days is the safest bet. Prodrome symptoms indicate viral shedding, so it's always safest to wait 7 days from the first day that they are fully gone (so technically 8 days fully symptom-free). Even with medication, taking precautions and waiting the full 7 days always is best! 

🍀🍀🍀 To answer your third question, that's a really interesting question!! I honestly am not sure. I can look into it and get back to you! What I do know is sometimes the body gets too used to an antiviral and the virus builds up a resistance to it, so people have to take a new antiviral (so if you're taking Valtrex you'd try Acyclovir or Famcyclovir). You could talk to your doctor about getting a new antiviral if they think resistance could be the issue. Also, you can ask a pharmacist about the specifics-- they are great with understanding the pharmacology and biological impacts of taking medicine! You could even ask them if the anitviral reduce the body's ability to create antibodies. 

I hope this helps. 

Stay well! ☀️

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Jeeze thank you. I posted a new subject in fear the other post would be lost in the mix. You are incredible thank you!

my prodrome symptoms are mostly itching. No colds or flu. And i didn't miss any doses. Yes i have been taking 1g twice daily of Vatrex. When the prodrome symptoms occurred i upped the dosage to  2g twice daily for 7 days. I did engage in masterbation the night of both prodrome occurrences. So i'm guessing that might be the trigger. I HOPE THIS DOESN'T last for very long?

and thank you for explaining the prodrome contagious timeline for me! Very helpful and super difficult to get a timeline on that. 

not sure if i'm fearing that i've become resistant yet as i've only been on Valtrex full time for a month. But i'll be sure to run this all by my dr.



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