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Introral sores almost every 1 to 2 weeks for 4 months

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Has anyone been through this? I've had sores on my palate that recurr every 1 to 2 weeks. Never had this or didn't notice anything like it until Jan 2022. I have always had classic cold sores on my lips since my childhood. And now it's sores on my palate one after another almost feels constant for last 4 months and counting. I did get sick with upper respiratory virus prior to my first intraoal outbreaks in ajan with possibly covid but I never tested.  O received Pfizer 2vaccones and a booster in Nov. Never had an ob following vaccine or boster. I have had cold sores 1 to 2x a year on my lips my entire 20 years I've had this until Jan. After Jan I have not had cold sore on lip only inside and all over my hard palate. I'd doctor tested  me. Hsv1 igg came back high positive  which I expected and hsv2 igg was neg <0.9.  I am married to my husband for more than 10 years and he is neg for hsv1 and 2. I pcr swabbed the palate sore and it came back neg for hsv but I was taking Valtrex 1 gm daily. I have been taking Valtrex 1 gm daily, lysine, monolauron, olive leaf, vitamin d,c , zinc, circumin, and eating very simple diet which I avoid nuts, chocolate, gluten, no caffeine. I drink 1 decaf green tea in the morning.  What is wrong with me??? I'm healthy otherwise but I feel like I have some disease or major immune problem. They tested me for hiv and it came back negative. I want to get another pcr swab or 2 until I can prove it is hsv1 as I believe it is. My husband doesn't think it is bc it is such is such unusual presentation and does not make sense to him. All I know is there is something very wrong with my mouth and I am losing patience as I have tried so many things but can't seem to prevent or stop the sores!!!

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I am so sorry for th physical and emotional stress you've been through and are going through! You don't deserve this at all. Please know you are not alone, that there IS hope, and we are all here to support you however you need! 💛☀️🌻

First, it sounds like the sickness it January triggered the outbreaks, since viruses and illness (which put stress on the body) can trigger outbreaks. An upper respiratory infection stresses the upper parts of the body, where your hsv-1 causes outbreaks (mouth). However, it does not make sense that it would last four months. Perhaps your body is having a hard time getting back to normal. Perhaps an IV injection of antivirals at the site of infection would help reboot the body back to a sense of calm and equilibrium. Maybe a dentist would be able to offer this, or ask your primary doctor or the doctor who swabbed the sores about possibly needing IV antivirals. 

Feel better!! I'm praying for you!! 💛☀️🌻


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The obs come and go. The sores heal but in a week or 2 tops another new ob shows up. I couldn't believe how many ob I've had in the last 4 months...no doctor has ever seen anything like this and not much information out there online about this kind of severe frequency. Prior to all this I was doing great, only had a lip ob 1x a year. I want my old body back so bad! Worst part is its affecting my life as a wife and mother. I feel I have to keep my distance and am afraid to spread this nasty thing that I didn't even have a chance since I acquired it as a child. It's affected me so negatively I just am jealous of anybody else who doesn't have to worry and live like this. I literally feel worthless 

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