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Chocolate Test...

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Since I have been on this forum, I keep coming across that people say their outbreaks occur just after eating chocolate...  I am testing this idea out...I'd hope that all of you reading this will too... I just now ate an entire hershey's chocolate bar...  I hope that all of you will too... The purpose - to see if we get any kind of reaction in the system from it or if it was all just bad timing of an episode...


  So if you are reading this... grab a chocolate bar and eat...  Then in a week or so... reply to this message telling us how you are feeling...  any symptoms, anything going on mentally.. anything on your mind about it...  Let see if we can get somewhere with this...

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Oh my goodness. You are a brave soul! Thank you for being a guinea pig and doing a self-experiment. 

In all honesty, I eat a bunch of semisweet chocolate chips almost every night (and have for years 😂), and its never seemed to cause any outbreaks for me. I have only had about three outbreaks since I was diagnosed four years ago. 

To our friends: please be careful when testing; if you are worried it may cause a reaction, test it when you will be home or not working/have plans (on the weekend, when you do not have any big plans, etc). If you are allergic to chocolate or ingredients in a chocolate bar, don't do this experiment either (this goes without saying!). Or, if you aren't comfortable with this in general!! 

Blessings to you, @gadamsgrega!!! 💛 I pray your experiment provides you with answers!! 



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today I had uncomfortable itchy colon, drowsy, slight anxiety, loss of appetite...

So this kind of shows that chocolate does have an effect and there is SOME kind of tie with triggering a herpes outbreak...  I haven't gotten to the outbreak part yet but all these symptoms since then sure make it seem that way... 


Your official lab rat...

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