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Does anyone take acyclovir as a suppression treatment? What’s your experience with it?

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I’ve been taking acciclovir for a while now for suppression and have found recently I’m getting outbreaks even when taking it. Not sure if it’s from the heat or something else. What is everyone else’s experience like with it?

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Hi @GeorgiaSimp! I’ve been taking Acyclovir twice a day for over a decade now. I’ve experienced no side effects. And it’s done a great job of keeping outbreaks suppressed (and yes, over time our immune system also gets better and better at suppressing it naturally).

In fact, I just recently decided to try going off of it to see what would happen. (I hadn’t had any outbreaks for over a year, so I figured I’d see if I could get away with not taking daily meds.) Within a week, I had my first outbreak in over a year! Could have been coincidence, but I figure it’s a good sign that it’s doing it’s job. 

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  • mr_hopp changed the title to Does anyone take acyclovir as a suppression treatment? What’s your experience with it?

Thanks! I’ve been taken it over a year now and it’s been great, I’ve been worried about taking it long term but from what you’re saying all sounds good! We had a heat wave here recently which has been a trigger in the past so I’m hoping that’s all it is. Thanks for the reply ☺️

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@GeorgiaSimp I started taking it a month ago and I feel like it has improved my symptoms by about 20%. I've never had any visible signs of HSV-2, but since I started Acyclovir, I don't have the thigh burning/pinching groin pain and tingling as much as I have the entire last year. It was really bad for quite a few months.

It's weird because Valacyclovir, wasn't working at all and it's supposed to be processed better by the body, but it didn't seem to be the case for me.

@mr_hoppHave you tried valacyclovir? Did you not have any results from that one?

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I’ve had GHSV1 for 3 years and have taken Acyclovir 2x a day from the beginning. I’ve never had any problem taking the drug. In 3 yrs I’ve only had 1 other outbreak and that was about 2 months ago. I got sick with diverticulitis and was having a lot of trouble with nausea so I stopped taking my meds. Within a week, I had an out break. Acyclovir was apparently doing its job. I am back on it.

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