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First herpes outbreak, acyclovir & timescales

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So I have been diagnosed today, and have already gone through a whirlwind of emotions!! 


About a week and a half back, maybe 2 weeks at a push I was dealing with some pretty annoying and persistent itching. I suffer with BB so to me, this was nothing out of the ordinary. Skip to last Thursday and I wake up sore, sore and in pain. Not having any means to check myself at the time, I casually send my boyfriend in to have a look and inspect my lady garden. He reports back telling me there's swelling, open sores that look quite moist for lack of a better word, and redness, " maybe its just a tear"...HA we now know better.

A few days later it's Sunday, and I'm on shift as a patient transport driver - non emergency, in crippling pain and unable to bear the tight green trousers any longer! Luckily for me I'm outside a hospital at this point so run to A&E for some advice. The nurse tells me it looks like infected razor bumps just leave it alone. 

This brings us to today. The pain and soreness is a lot lesser than it was I'll admit but after a length inspection with the hand held mirror we decide that A&E could be wrong, so I take myself to the doctor's for a second opinion. Although now awaiting test results, the doctor is 99.9% sure that I have the big H. Naturally, I cry, I ponder my existence and question my boyfriend's loyalty in the space of about 20 seconds. I did however finally rationalise after later doing some in depth research to better understand everything and reading these forums for about 2 hours now.

After having my mini breakdown, the doctor has now prescribed me 400mg of aciclovir 3x a day for 5 days. My question here really is, what are other people's experiences with time length of healing with this type of medication? Is the healing process still going to be quite lengthy or will it be quicker than expected? Knowing it's different for everyone it would be nice to hear some personal experiences with these medications.

Considering how raw sore and painful I was a week ago, without any medication the pain really has got a Lot better so I'm just wondering how much the medication may help the process 


Thanks all x 

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Thank you so much for sharing your story with everyone. I am so sorry for all of the stress you've been under! Please know that H doesn't impact who you are and it doesn't change anything about you. You are still a wonderful human being with a very essential job (thank you, essential worker!) and H will never change that ❤️ 

In regards to your question about the medication, antivirals are honestly a very magical thing. For so many people, they really do help symptoms clear up quickly. When I started taking my antivirals with my first outbreak, I was shocked by how well the medication worked. 

Healing time depends on many factors, including medicine type, how your body responds to the drug, and the severity of your outbreak, to name a few. I's great that you've already seen some improvement. For me, the symptoms that lasted longest were the sores themselves because of chafing and peeing on them. I had to walk around a lot during my first outbreak because I was in college and worked and had classes to go to, and of course the blisters would stick to my clothes and the clothes would rip off the skin of the blisters 😂 lovely, I know. Plus, when urine passed over the sores it burned. For me, the antivirals helped stop new sores from appearing and sped up healing time in general. 

You will get through this! When you get the results back, you will know if you have type 1 or type 2. Also, your partner should probably get tested at some point. 

Feel free to reach out with any other questions! 

Sending blessings and prayers your way! ❤️🙂 


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Thank you so much for your reply !


Honestly I've found comfort in reading everyone's stories today and knowing I'm not alone so thank you for that.

Im lucky enough that I work shift so I now have 4 days off to do nothing but go commando and allow myself some healing time so I am hoping that will also help the process. Peeing hasn't really been a big issue for me which I am thankful for, but most of the sores and blisters are throwing their own little part in the back if you catch my meaning so anything other than peeing is scary. Luckily I am also now constipated! You. Really couldnt  write it 🤣.

I have told my partner who's been amazing but sadly the UK does not offer testing unless you have sores, so my doctor has told me today so we are having to just wait and see what comes of all this. He did however turn up with flowers and cider so that has helped.

Thanks so much for your message grace, all the best x



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I'm happy that you have some days to rest and relax ❤️ It's so sweet he brought you flowers! 

Yes, so many folks on here have mentioned that testing in the UK is difficult. I'm so sorry about that! I'm sorry that it hurts to poo 😞 !! Hopefully that gets better soon ❤️ 

Rest and be kind to yourself! Everything will be okay!

Blessings! ❤️ 

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Hey folks! 


Just off the back of this, I think I'm now having a 2nd outbreak but I'm not overly sure. It started yesterday, I had a quite intense inching sensation come on last night and upon inspection I appear very red down below but no visible lumps bumps or sores. The itching has died down today but I'm still quite tender and red. I also had a fair amount of discharge, all symptoms of my first outbreak so naturally I started taking my aciclovir last night. Still don't know if this is a 2nd outbreak or not but a second opinion would be real useful as I want to get to know what the warning signs are. I figured starting my meds wouldn't hurt really if it turns out to not be an outbreak. 


Thanks in advance!! X 

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