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Herpes Symptoms - Worrying about contracting HSV1

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I would like to share my experience.

I had a sexual relationship with a lady who I met by chance 9 weeks ago and I used a condom during the intercourse. However, I kissed her on the lips and she gave me unprotected oral sex on my penis (She did not have any visible outbreaks). After 3 days of this relation, I started feeling unwell. I had fatigue, urethral problems (difficulties to urinate for 5 days), burning on tip of my penis, tingling around genital area, shooting nerve pain on my penis (coming and going), difficulties when urinating. In addition, tingling, burning and shooting nerve pain on my lips, my gums, my tongue and all around my mouth, nerve twitching and spasms on my lips. No discharge from penis, no blisters, no cold sores, just got some rashes on my inside lips and gums which was burning a little bit. In general, I feel discomfort around my mouth and my genital area. Also I have been facing pain in my thigh, knees, legs, lymph nodes groin and my bladder.

Nerve pain going through my thigh down my feet and toes.
I did the blood test for all STDs and all came negative. I did antibodies test for herpes at  7 weeks and was negative.

I am waiting to re-do the test at 12 weeks.

i am living in Qatar where Western Blot test isn't available.

All the symptoms that I have mentioned still persist until now (after 9 weeks).

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Sorry for the late reply. I am so sorry you are facing these symptoms. Please know you are not alone and everything will be okay! I would wait the 12 weeks and get an IgG blood test. 

Your symptoms do sound like they could be from herpes. Did you ask her if she has ever had a herpes outbreak or tested positive for it?

Stay well and try to ease the nerve discomfort with ice or heat packs. I am praying for you! ❤️ 



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When I discussed this issue with the lady she was surprised and she told that she had ever had symptoms and outbreaks.

She also got tested for HSV1 & HSV2 IgG and results came back negative. 

I will wait at 12 weeks to get tested again. However, these tests misses 30 % of HSV1 

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Hello everybody,

I've got this blister on the side of my big toe.

Can anybody explain to me or have any idea what might be since I am worrying about HSV1 

Can herpetic whitlow appear on feet and toes?

One day before I getting this blister I got nerve pain in my toe and the next day the blister appeared.






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Actually the blisters did not hurt. Just one night before the outbreak I got pain in my toes (like nerve pain).

It did not ooze anything but little itching.

I did not get it swabbed.

The problem in the country where I am currently living, people and even doctors do not have enough knowledge about herpes. Even tests are not available everywhere. The only test which is available is the antibodies IgM / IgG.

I am living in Qatar.

I got a small like sore in my inner thigh (right thigh) last night and it is burning (I am not sure if this is herpes or not).



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Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I have heard that many countries in Southwest Asia do not have access to HSV testing. I hope that changes and testing and the conversation around herpes is more common in the near future! 

Do you have any skin allergies? It is possible that you have some type of allergy to something and your skin is having an inflammatory response. Have you noticed any change in symptoms since Monday? 



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Thank you for the feedback.

Actually I don't have allergy but I am very anxious about HSV because i have been for 3 months (12 weeks) suffering from symptoms (groin pain on & off, tingling around mouth and genital, itching, lips twitching, burning, shooting nerve pain in my gums, on my penis, legs and thighs and recently on top of my fingers and toes...)

The test available here is only antibodies IgM / IgG.

As far as I know, these types of tests misses 30% of HSV1 

I don't know how to make sure if I have it or not! 

I am extremely exhausted.


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