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So flipping sore and hate to pee

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Just venting.  I'm Feeling down and feel like shit.   

Haven't had a full on breakout in a couple of years.   I had some signs of one coming on a few months back but I think I may have  stopped it with taking lysine. Possibly it. 

I still get prodrome tingling regularly.  My first breakout was in 2018. have HSV2

But I  think due to stress of moving  into a new house a month ago and some emotional stuff lead to this breakout.  And  I haven't been taking the Lysine consistently either. 

The break out  started a couple of days ago.  I'm so pissed off.  And it's so  sore. I won't go to a physician and it takes days to get an appointment anyway and I'm not sure the antiviral does much anyway.  

The sores are in the perineum area. That's where they usually turn up.  Sometimes closer to the butt hole.  

But that perineum area,  Omg it is the worst place!    I try as I can to not get pee on the area. But somehow it happens and it burns like a MO FO.  And I know I've read about peeing in water but that's just not practical and possible a lot of the time. 

I also tend to pee frequently as I drink water but I have an overactive bladder so that doesn't help matters.  I rinse myself off after bathroom which is just more time and energy.  I have an autoimmune disorder too with chronic pain  and I just get tired. And then this on top of it.   It's just so hard. 

I do have some lemon balm ointment which I think helps  somewhat.  

What do you ladies do to stop pee getting on the area?   Do you use any kind of barrier like Vaseline or something?   I've not used it.  Is Vaseline OK to put on the sores.  

Anyway thanks for reading and for any tips, ideas. 







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I am so sorry for the late reply. 

I am so sorry you are struggling. Please know you are not alone and there is hope. Things will get better, and you are so strong! ❤️ 

Urine's acidity really burns the sores. Lysine balm is really great to help protect the sores from the urine. I used a lemon lysine balm that I think was actually for oral sores but it worked well for me. I just wouldn't put the balm inside the vagina or too close to the "holes" as it may burn (and it's not for internal use anyways!).

Having an ice cold bottle of water in a spray bottle to mist on the area after or during urinating can help reduce the burning and soothe the area. Sometimes changing your peeing position helps, too. Squatting instead of sitting can help aim the stream so it goes straight down instead of running off the nearby skin.

Stay strong and hopeful. You will make it through this! ❤️ 

Sending blessings and prayers of healing and joy your way! 🙂 



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As a topical, Femiclear is expensive but good. 

5mg of Lexapro helped me personally when it came to eliminating symptoms (anxiety triggers HSV1  issues for me). I also take 1 gram of Valtrex, B super complex, zinc, and 3 tablets of Quantum Lysine ImmuneSupport daily. 


Know your triggers too. For me, dairy and alcohol need to be had VERY sparingly. I use the free app Foodility to track my food, mood, and exercise routine to help pinpoint what could be triggering symptoms.

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