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I got stem/cells/PRP in my head and breakouts increased ever since...?

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In April of this year, I got stem cells and PRP (this is my own blood, or a portion of my blood) injected into my head to stop my balding. Ever since then I've been getting outbreaks roughly every 3-5 weeks. It's genital HSV1.

Am I a dummy? Or does it even matter? I know there's something called blood/brain barrier. Did I transport my herpes laden blood to my skull?

Prior to that I was also getting outbreaks every 1-2 months...kinda, sorta. My story is very strange.

I initially got it October 2020, then it went away until June 2021 when I had continual outbreaks one after another until the end of August 2021 (3 months).

In September, I actually took a bunch of natural supplements (same as I did in October 2020 with the initial OB) and the outbreaks stopped.

Over the preceding 8 months (September 2021 to April 2022), I got a few outbreaks. I later realize that they were all when I had sex with one particular girl, the day after....which is strange by itself. Anyone else have this happen?

I realized the pattern after the 3rd time I had sex with this girl. It wasn't every time. I had sex with this girl a lot.

On March 29th, 2022 I got a small outbreak. I didn't take any medicine and on April 1st I got the stem cells/PRP treatment.

I then left the country I was in and have been gone for the past 8 months (ie no sex with that particular girl) so I was assuming I'd have no outbreaks, but as I mentioned above I've been having them roughly every 3-5 weeks.

Anyone who can piece together what's going on here. Did I fuck myself over? I though the outbreaks get better over time, mine seem to be getting worse..

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