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First outbreak

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So I am having my first outbreak right now I’m on about day 5. It started as 2 random bumps in different places- on top of my clit area and above that right in the middle literally where the pants lining is (so annoying)! I was in denial because when I looked up HSV it was clusters of smaller ones (these were small wart size). However, after a few days a cluster appeared on the upper one. I still have not been diagnosed because research said I should wait to do testing? I’m also a broke college student, which would mean I would have to tell my mother so she could pay for it and set up the appointment😖. I am pretty positive I have HSV because the symptoms before the first outbreak say flu like symptoms- I had to stay out of school for a week because I was sick with “the flu”. It also said itching and clusters of fluid filled bumps, and that’s exactly what happened. I am so scared to get the diagnosis because I’m almost positive I have it. I want to hope is GHSV1 because of the less frequent outbreaks but I’m trying not to get my hopes up. I honestly don’t know what I’m looking for here. I am just a scared 18 year old, I guess looking for advice? Are flu symptoms more common with a certain type of GHSV? Do I wait to get a diagnosis or should I grow some balls and tell my mother? How do I tell my boyfriend? I also got a cold sore before I got it on my genitals and I masterbate and sometimes use my saliva. Can you give yourself GHSV1 from using saliva with a cold sore? 

please help, anyone!

- also I am so glad I found this community it has relieved so much stress and nerves!

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I would definitely go get the bumps swabbed, that way you can figure out what type of Herpes you have.   Is there free clinic or anything of the sort in your area?  It is possible that you could have HSV1 in both places if you have already had a cold sore on your mouth.  

When I had my first outbreak, I did not have any type of flu like symptoms so it is different for everyone.  So I am not sure if flu like symptoms are more common with certain types of HSV.  

If you already had HSV1 in your mouth with cold sores, I think your body would have built up some antibodies so that you wouldn't be able to reinfect yourself in a different area,

So I would get tested and figure out if you have HSV1 or HSV2, so when you tell your boyfriend, you have more information.  When you see a doctor, you can also get prescribed anti viral medication to help with breakouts as the first one can last longer than normal. 

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. 

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