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Please help. Married for 10 years

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@MaddieLynn I also do not get outbreaks from shaving. Mine is entirely stressed induced or around my period. I actually haven’t had an outbreak since June and I do not take antivirals at this time. My subsequent outbreaks have become more and more mild. So it can and does get better!! They make an OTC topical lidocaine that you can buy, which is cheaper than a prescription and same strength! probably the same thing that @AlliKat12 is talking about. 🤗That will definitely help, you could also try a warm sitz bath to relieve some of that itchiness! 

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On 11/8/2022 at 11:32 AM, MaddieLynn said:

He’s been working out of town the last couple months and comes home on the weekends.   He has been going to a swinger/whore house.   He still went after he found out I had an STD last week.   I don’t know who he is.   

I went to get tested for further STD’s.   I am praying I do not have anything else.  

I’ve never been in another relationship,  I don’t know how to move on.   I don’t want my daughters life to change.  Im a stay at home mom.   

I can’t get past this.   I need help what to do. 

Hey @MaddieLynn how are you holding up? I know there is a lot going physically amd emotionally right now. Try to get as much support as you can. Get some relationship counseling and decide what direction your relationship will go in. Hopefully, your husband is remorseful for what he has done to your marriage and family. Remembe It's not your fault. If you do forgive him hopefully you can rebuild on a better foundation and help each other deal with this virus. Hoping that you're feeling better. You will overcome this time in your life.

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