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HSV1(F) and HSV2(M) genitals

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This guy I’m seeing has HSV2 gladiatorial (got it from wrestling), either way he has it on his stomach, and it’s technically genital his Dr says because it’s his lower abdomen. I have HSV1 genitally (bum, sometimes outside of vagina). I recently got over an outbreak,  about a week or more. The outbreak has healed and is gone completely. I have been having tingling AFTER the outbreak has healed which is interesting to me because I had no tingling when I found the outbreak. Didn’t even know I had one til I found it (been stressed). My question is, my tingling is on and off, I’m taking my Lysine and antivirals as well. Do I need to wait to have sex when the tingling completely stops, or is it okay for me to have sex since there is no longer an outbreak? I also include that he has HSV2 because I hear that can build immunity to HSV1, but idk if that’s true. I have been abstaining from sex because I’m not sure. My tingling stopped and I was fine then it started back up so idk. It’s ruining my intimacy time with him and I’d really like to know. 

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This is a great question. It is great that you are playing it safe until you know an answer; that shows respect towards him and respect towards your own body, too! 

Is the tingling more of an internal feeling or is it on the skin? Does it feel neurological or more dermatological? It's possible that the tingling is a lingering feeling from the previous outbreak as the nerves are still inflamed or your skin is still irritated. How long ago was your outbreak, and how long did it last? How long has it been since the sore was completely gone? 

Regarding transmission, it is less likely to pass GHSV-1 than GHSV-2, and even less likely to pass this from female to male (because of anatomy). Studies from the 1990s have shown HSV-2 can help prevent getting HSV-1 (see https://academic.oup.com/jid/article/185/8/1019/814003 and click the numbers at the end of the quote to see the sources/studies). However, it is still possible to contract both types in the same region.

I hope this helps! I would reach out to your doctor to double check everything is okay before engaging in sex. 🙂 



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Thank you for responding! My outbreak was fully healed 100% by last Tuesday, and I’d say it only lasted a few (3) days. I have no other symptoms but tingling. It’s interesting because I had no tingling until after it healed… I thought it was weird that I was still having tingling after the outbreak healed. I also find the tingling seems to happen when I’m more stressed out of focusing on it. I’ve been taking my L-lysine and acyclovir every day since last week when the tingling started. It comes and goes, and it feels more neurological. I will also say I feel it all over; arms, legs, bum, upper stomach. Some may that’s not herpes… I also suffer from health anxiety and I’m wondering if it’s my body creating the feeling of tingling since I’m so focused on it. 

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Honestly, I completely understand. I get so anxious and feel like I start to feel sensations or itches when I am anxious or when I hyper-focus on parts of my body. It is also normal for your skin to not feel the best or be sensitive after the outbreak, since that is new skin.

Stay calm and be kind to yourself. Things will be okay ❤️ 


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