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Constant breakouts, cant go on much longer

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I have had herpes for 20 years, i didn't notice any breakouts for the first 10 years or so but now for 7 years i have been experiencing a constant outbreak cycle, every 10 days. My visable symptoms are almost unnoticeable but i know its happening because of the leg pain behind my knee and the tingling and insect like sting i get during the first few days every cycle. I can't date or have sex, im very alone and feelings of depression are getting worse and worse, i have been thinking about ending my life more and more, i really try to concentrate on other things in life but my interest level in everything i once enjoyed has gone. I have very few friends as i also suffer with APD (avoidance personality disorder) seeking help is almost impossible for me, 2 doctors i have opened up to couldn't help. I dont want to be dead but i see no future where i can be content living like this. If there is anything else i can try to stop my outbreaks im willing to try anything no matter how extreme, does anyone know of anything else i can try? Neither antivirals worked for me, i dont drink, i eat well and are in pretty good shape, im 42 now and running out of time. 

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Hello @Gemini 444 I have had HSV for 6 years now and I can relate to your feelings. I am sure that you are a great person who has so much to offer in this world. Dont let HSV steal your hope and joy from you. I am sorry for what you are going through. This virus affect us all differently. Some hardly have any symptoms and other debilitating nevre pain. It infects our CNS and our immune system can keep it in check. When we get older our immune system gets weaker and this virus can take advantage of that. You're still young and have a lot to live for so don't give up. There are a lot of things being worked on eventhough they are still a few years out. You will still be young enough to take advantage of them. I don't have typical OB's, I get mostly nueropathy symptoms. I am a bit scared for my future as I am 62 and don't think a therapeutic solution will be here for me. So I just try to live life as full as I can. Find enjoyment where and when I can. Channel your enegy and refocus. Don't let this virus defeat you! Iam sure someone can help you find something to calm the outbreaks or stimulate you immune system. Hang in there! You will find someone to be with to support you.

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Hello @Gemini 444

Unfortunately for some people it gets worse over time, not better. And I am reading more and more stories about antivirals not working. I am in same position, acyclovir does nothing for me.

Did you try alternative route? I had success with taking native propolis and St John wort. Lot of hsv positive people claim they had success with red reishi mushroom and lions mane. Maybe taking vitamin infusions? Ozone therapy? I know two persons who had great success with ozone therapy altough it is a bit pricey so it is not affordable for everyone. 

Did you check your thyroid? Vitamin D levels? This can also contribute to frequent outbreaks unfortunately.

I understand desperation. This infection can sometimes be life consuming. For me it was life altering. I really hope you will find something that helps. 


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@Gemini 444 check your thyroid if you can just to be sure. Thyroid issues can really mess everything in your body and can have influence on outbreak frequency. 

@Seeker1960 I forgot to add glutathione on list of alternative treatments for treating nerve pain but important thing is that it has to be taken through infusions. It's useless when taken orally. In Europe glutathione infusions are used for treating diabetic neuropathy or neuropathy related to chemotherapy. Lions mane is apparently potent antiviral so it is worth trying. 

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