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Herpes and darkening of Skin

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Hello all,

Its been 3 months I diagnosed with HSV. I know the most of the symptoms of HSV and can relate. 

I am getting other symptoms too, is there anyone getting darker skin issues around neck, underarms and face? Also black spots like ageing spots over body? I am also getting occasional night sweats and muscle pain. Are these symptoms of HSV or anything else? I found that diabetes can cause darkening of Skin hence I did HbA1C test and the test reports came normal. 

Please help.


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I am so sorry you are experiencing these symptoms. 

Your symptoms do not coincide with typical HSV symptoms (I am not a doctor, but I have never heard of this happening). The only time skin sometimes is darker or a different color in relation to HSV is when new skin has to grow in spots where sores were. New skin is sometimes a different color than the skin surrounding it. Or, HSV sores can sometimes scar, which can cause skin discoloration as well. 

Is the darker skin a different texture than the skin that is not darkening? Also, is the skin itchy or warm to the touch? 

The conditions that can cause darkening of skin in areas of the body where the skin touches skin (underarms, joint areas, neck, ect) include sun exposure, Addison's Disease, and even pregnancy, and many others. Here is a fact sheet; hopefully it helps! https://www.mountsinai.org/health-library/symptoms/skin-abnormally-dark-or-light#:~:text=Hyperpigmentation refers to skin that,gives the skin its color.

I would definitely see a dermatologist or doctor to make sure you are okay. Your health is important!

Sending prayers and blessings your way ❤️🙂!!!



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I am worried after reading about Addison disease. 

My skin color around neck and underarms turns black, which happens mostly in diabetic condition. The skin is not itchy and not getting burning sensation.

My skin darkness lowered when I took antiviral Acyclovir. But still little darkness is there. I don't get it all the time. I remember whenever I become ill with fever I saw this skin darkness. I hope it's not an Addison disease. 😞

I am happy to live with herpes but not with Addison disease.

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