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Please help. Is this herpes and is it normal?

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My back story: I was dating this nurse for about a month. We had the infectious disease talk 2 times before we were intimate. I was confident her being a health profesional I was ok. She said she was clean. Then my lips started experiencing pain. She then tells me she gets fever blisters. I questioned her that she said she didn't have any diseases. I called it Hsv and she instantly got super defensive and said I'm offensive and won't talk now. that was that and she won't respond to any questions now.

now, I'm fighting lip pains almost every day several times a day. I never get a text book 'out break', so my doctor can't swab it. Its just pain, redness, and swelling every 2 days. It starts to look like its going to break out then it goes away every time so far.  After about a month my inner thighs started feeling like they are sun burnt. Most of the time it's in my left leg but it moves around. My leg pain is not severe just annoying. Now it's changing to a prickly feeling.  My lip pain and leg pain seem to both happen at the same time. I've noticed it's good in the morning and bothers me as I get tired throughout the day. The odd thing is it can come on within minutes and last hours or just minutes then go away. Is that common for herpes? It seems odd to me. Is it common for lip hsv1 to constantly cause pain?  It's there every day on and off keeping my mind on it. I need some relief before I go crazy.

Its been 12 weeks so I had a sti and IgG test done. Everything came back negative although I don't believe the IgG test. I plan on another IgG test @ 6mo. My doctor also tried putting me on Valtrex for 2 weeks to see if it helped but I couldn't tell if it made a difference. He said since I have not had a official out break and I'm negative I don't have herpes. How do you explain the herpes like  pains that showed up right after intercourse then? That's the mindset that got me here, and I can't hurt anyone and play dumb when I know something is going on. I've also been insulted by several telling me my symptoms don't match herpes and I should see a psychologist. I Googled my symptoms and it brought me right to this forum. Please help.

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Hi @nothappy sorry for what your going through. Unfortunately there isn't easy answer to your question. Your symptoms could be HSV related. Not everyone gets the typical outbreak and blisters. I got mostly atypical symptoms like nueropathy in the form of itching and burning and other stuff but never a blister.

Some people like me take a while to show up positive on the igg. I showed positive on the Western Blot first eventhough I showed negative on the igg for like 13 weeks. 

You could wait and retest or just send for  Western  Blot from University of Washington. If you are recently infected your body is rallying and trying to respond but in the mean time you will experience these symptoms until your body can get it in check. You can try the antivirals and see if they help. I am trying other things like supplements and Lion's Mane to combat a reactivation of symptoms that I am experiencing. 

The Doctor's are going to tell you everything that will make you feel like you're crazy and that it is not HSV. Even the some of the so called experts will probably say that your symptoms are not related to HSV. Unfortunately, I and many others can tell you that HSV can cause these types of symptoms.

Hang in there! It may take a while for these symptoms to die down. Mine intial symptoms took over a year to really quite down. They just recently reactivated after my immune system took a hit taking the latest covid booster and flu shot. Hoping ot will calm down to the previous level.

Good luck and try to stay calm. Stress triggers this. 

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