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Understanding my herpes outbreak

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I’ve just been doing a lot of research the last couple days, and it’s really helped me understand and made me feel better about what could be happening to me. 

A little back story for context,  I have what looks like a canker sore/blister/pimple above my clit and I got very scared, the week prior I had what I thought was mono and took antibiotics and was feeling better before this happened. I tried telling myself it could be an ingrown hair bc it tingled and itched more than hurt, but I went to get tested for hsv 2, it was a blood test through quest and the result was positive 1.90H and recommended more testing which I’m waiting to do when I get paid this week. 

but I still contacted my partners and explained so that they could get tested if they needed to. good, great wonderful covered on that front, but I started reading up on genital herpes and it turns out hsv 1 & hsv2 can cause a genital outbreak, and my results also fall in the range of a false positive, and while I’m not trying to convince myself of what my outbreak is being caused by, I mostly find it interesting that hsv 1 causes outbreaks in genitals just as often as hsv2 or more so, it’s also helped me not feel so afraid or depressed or down on myself because I’m alive, I have two eyes, a nose and a mouth, I can walk & run and clap with two hands, and I am alive, I’m still me and nothing will change that, no one validates that not even me, because regardless of others opinions or my own, the fact remains that inside I am on my side, I am on team me, and we can get through anything:)

Articles that have helped me:

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Hi @Acceptance10 Kudos to you for contacting your partners and concern for their health and wellbeing. Some people just selfishly don't say anything and that us how this thing just continues to spread. Hopefully for you get confirmation one way or the other. Most people have HSV1 from childhood. I didn't and got GHSV1  in my 50's. Sucks for me because for me it affects my nervous system and doesn't give me the typical out breaks. You have a good and positive attitude which important in making HSV a non-issue in your life. Hopefully your giver will get tested and take precautions from spreading it to someone else. Stay positive and know that you are a good person.

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I love love love that you said you are on "team me." I am on team you, too! 🙂 

Please know that you are not alone. Everything will be okay. Whether you have type 1 or type 2, herpes doesn't have the power to harm your happiness. You can live a happy and blessed life with or without H! 

Did you take an IgG or IgM blood test? Also, did a doctor examine the bump? 

I read your bio and I want to let you know that not everyone is a rude chump. There are some folks who you meet and disclose to and they are rude or narrow-minded, but there are others who are accepting and kind. Also, you don't need to tell anyone you don't want to, unless you are going to be intimate with them, of course. No one else needs to know your personal business!

Not having many friends can be hard. I have a very small circle of friends, and I'm not the most social person (I am friendly and love people but I don't go out or hang out with friends often!). As long as you have one or two people who are wonderful and kind, all is well. Moving to a new place for work can be scary, but it is also so liberating! You get to create a new fresh lifestyle and meet new people. You are a great human and anyone would be so blessed to know you! 

Remember, so many people have HSV (many just don't know it, which is why it spreads!). H itself isn't a taboo thing, people make it out to be that way. Societal stigmas make H seem bad, when in reality those socially constructed ideas have no true basis whatsoever! Just as people create stigma, people can break stigmas (hence this website 😉). And having the power to change stigmas ... that is just awesome!

It is really compassionate and ethical that you reached out to past partners. 

Take the time to heal in the ways you need to. Be kind to yourself. Hold your head high and be proud of yourself. You are beautiful, worthy, and good! 

Reach out if you need to chat! 🙂 

Stay kind and be well! Sending prayers and blessings your way ❤️




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Hi y’all! So just an update I did get my confirmation results back and it was positive for hsv-2, and I’m okay with it 🙂 I’ve been discovering a lot about myself this past week and I actually did let my sister in and tell her just bc I needed someone to talk to and she was really supportive, actually a lot of people in my circle have been really supportive and I’m so grateful for it, and I’m so grateful for everyone’s kind words here too, I feel so happy today and I just feel so much better I’m still taking it day by day, but I feel really at ease and it just feels good ❤️

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