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Symptoms won't go away

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I started having pain near my anus on 11/12/22. I couldn't sit comfortably and thought it was a hemorrhoid.  Two days later I had insane burning and itching, so bad I had to take time off work. I developed what looked like an ulcer just outside if my anus by day 4. Day 6, I met with my GP and was referred to a dermatologist.  On 11/22, the derm swabbed the ulcer and said she was confident it was herpes, started me on 1g of Valtrex, told me to sue desitin (didn't help), and sent me on my way. I was officially diagnosed with HSV2 on 11/28, started on another round of Valtrex because I continued to break out in sores, horrible itching and burning, in addition to intense tingling and was encouraged to start suppressive therapy for a year starting tomorrow on 500mg Valtrex daily. The derm thought I may be experiecing neuralgia, but that eventually subsided. On 12/4, I developed what I suspect are two swollen lymph nodes, one on each labia, that are painful. I am currently tingling around my anus which indicates I'm getting new sores as current ones are healing in various part of my gential. It will be month on 12/12 that I had my first outbreak. I wonder if I've been having reoccurring outbreaks during this month or this is still part of the initial outbreak. I had flu-like symptoms during all of this, chills are lingering. I wonder if Valtrex is for me since it doesn't seem to be impacting the outbreaks or I should try acyclovir. Sitz baths help, but i have vaginal dryness now. My docotr prescribed hydroxizine for sleep becuase the tingling and itching is worse at night.  I worry this won't get better for me and I'll continue to have sores.

I'm pretty confident I got this from an ex, but there's just no way to know.  My current partner has cold sores but cannot remember which strain of the virus he has. He recalls his outbreak to be awful and lasted several months.  He's never had a genital outbreak to his knowledge. He's been super understanding through all of this. I'm worried how this will impact our physical intimacy long-term. Sex is important to him and something we've struggled with due to difference in desire. 

I've started taking l-lysine, b12, multivitamin, zinc, and vitamin d in hopes it'll help.  I've used femiclear and it's somewhat helpful. I think it does attend to the blisters/sores pretty well. But the itching can be unbearable.  

My main question is really am I still in my initial outbreak or am I just experiencing an outbreak every few days now? Thanks for any feedback. It's much appreciated. 

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It is definitely possible that this is still your first outbreak.  The first outbreak can last for awhile and it will ultimately be the worst one.  My first outbreak lasted about 6 or 7 weeks with new blisters and cuts just appearing one right after the other.  Flu like symptoms are also common with the first outbreak. 

If your significant other has cold sores its most likely HSV1 because I think HSV2 orally is kind of rare but I guess anything is possible.  That's really great that he is being supportive.  I am not sure what the precautions are if you and your significant other have different strains of HSV.

The flu shot could have jump started the outbreak because it was something new introduced into your system.  Your immune system was probably attempting to fight the flu shot and It couldn't handle the flu shot and the herpes at the same time.  I think my Covid vaccine jump started my outbreaks as well but in the end, I guess we will never know. 

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Thanks so much for the reply. It's hard to understand how an initial ob lasts given the literature out there. This has been an awful experience.  It's definitely like you described yours... I'll have a blister or two show up and in those 2 days or so I'm miserable. They'll start to heal and two days or so later I'm having additional symptoms. I feel tingling most of the time.  Nights are the worst. 

I'm pretty sure my SO has HSV1, also. My ex had HSV2. My current SO and I have been together over 3 years and have unprotected sex because I didn't know I had this. He has basically assumed he has it, too, now. We haven't had sex in a while and pretty confident he's loyal. The ex wasn't. 

I reached out to my doctor yesterday to get her thoughts. Waiting on a reply. I have no idea if the Valtrex is working or not becuase I've been consistent in taking it.  But it seems others have such a great experience and I don't feel I am. I'm afraid to stop taking it though.

The lidocaine and cortisone does little for me too, but I use OTC stuff. Is that what you use?

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Update: I spoke with my doctor and she is stumped on why I'm not responding to Valtrex.  She has offered gabapentin and a topical for the pain, but I'm declining the gabapentin due to the side effects. She's going to speak with some colleagues to see what other treatment options I have. She wants gynecology to see me, but they can't get me in until Jan 20th. I have since inquired with Terri Warren for options, as she's an expert in the field. I also read something on Pritelivir trials. I'm really needing sleep more than anything. This virus read flares up at night for me which makes it hard to sleep. 

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I actually haven't had another outbreak since my initial one in July 2022.  I tested positive for HSV1 in 2015 with a blood test and never had an outbreak until this year.  My initial outbreak was terrible and lasted for a really long time.  

The hydrocortisone cream with Lidocaine was actually prescribed by a doctor.  I am not sure if there is a difference in strength.  

I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years and he hasn't had an outbreak at all and we have unprotected everything but we also assume he has it as well. 

Hopefully since you have already been experiencing symptoms for a month, it gets better soon.  Maybe you can take some sort of sleeping aid at night time to help with sleeping until the outbreak subsides.  

Hoping you feel better soon!

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Thanks @AlliKat12 for the support and sharing your experience with me. Any chance you were on antivirals during your initial outbreak? Mine have just been so consistent since it started, even on antivirals.  I know some folks are resistant, and I could very well be one of those people.  But the fact my dermatologist is stumped is disheartening. I get from what I've read on this site many doctors have no idea about how to handle or understand this virus. Hard to fathom given how long this virus has been studied and been in existence. 

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Yes, I was on 1000mg of Valtrex during the first 15 days of my breakout.  The doctor also prescribed me 500 mgs of Valtrex if I decided I wanted to take it as a suppressive medication.  I started taking it as a suppressive because I was scared to ever get another outbreak again but after taking it for 2 months, I realized that I would never know If I have frequent outbreaks if I dont let my body figure out how to fight this virus itself.  I haven't taken Valtrex since September and I still haven't had one.  

The Valtrex made my symptoms be less severe so I think in the long run it helped but it didn't lessen my outbreak time wise.  I still had an outbreak for 6 weeks or so.  You could always try the Acyclovir.  That is another popular one and sometimes one will help and the other wont.  Maybe your body just isn't responding to the Valtrex and this one would work better for you.   

Everyone is different, so the medication will effect everything differently.  Everyone will have different triggers that cause an outbreak.  So far, I haven't figured out what my triggers are since I've only had one outbreak but I know its not alcohol, junk food, shaving, waxing or sex.  

I agree, its insane that this has been around for so long and its still a mystery.  

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  • 1 month later...

If it will help the triggers for an outbreak any condition that lowers your immune system 

For me was having cold,another one when I had covid 19 illness and stress and fatigue with sun exposure 

I hope my reply will help

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Yea I know EXACTLY what you are experiencing with the colon issue...  It's a part of the process...  it's like a dull itch kinda thing... You can keep it clean and wash with soap like Dove which has a bit of moisturizer in it...  Helped me... 


   But yea, it'll last a few days before HSV starts to effect other parts of the body including nervous system...  gives the loss of appetite, stomach aches, depression even...


   Finally - as for the valtrex or acyclover...  I don't take any of that stuff... been there done that...  Better off doing this all naturally... That way I know it's the immune system handling the situation when I start feeling better and not from taking pills...

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