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Herpes and Tinnitus? (Ringing in ear)

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Hi all,

I started getting ringing sound in my ear which is called tinnitus. Found more noticeable sound during the bed time. I did type specific test after this symptom and found that I have HSV-1. 

Is there anyone facing same issue? Is there any treatment to reduce or get ride of this tinnitus? The sores comes and go away but this ringing sound is constant 24/7. 

Please help.


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This is a great question. 

Often times you notice it more around bedtime because you are laying on a pillow and your ear is being "cupped" and the sounds are being magnified. Plus, when it is quiet, we hear the ringing much better.

I also have tinnitus, but I believe mine is from my TMJ and sinus issues. I am not sure if HSV would cause tinnitus. It is not related to the nervous system so I don't think H would necessarily cause it directly. Depending on the cause of your tinnitus, the treatment differs. For some people they are hearing the sound of their own blood vessels due to blood vessel conditions, so treatment in that regard would occur. Other times, earwax removal may occur. Your doctor may also try to rule out hearing loss or your tinnitus being the cause of medication. 

I would head to the ear doctor when you can! 🙂 

Feel better! There is hope ❤️ I am praying for you! ❤️  




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@Nobita My HSV symptoms just started over a month ago and during that time, I have also experienced a constant ringing in my ear.  I can earnestly say that I wasn't experiencing the ringing in my ears before that, so I feel that HSV was definitely the most likely cause. I know of normal people who experience tinnitus, but when they recount their experiences, they usually describe a ringing that only lasts a few minutes and goes away. For them, it only happens periodically. But during the time I was experiencing it, the ringing would leave and return off and on for hours. In fact, it was one of the symptoms that made me think something was terribly wrong. Mine is starting to go away now, but every now and then, it returns accompanied by other light HSV symptoms. I don't really know what you can do for it, but ihopefully, yours will lessen over time like mine has. It took about two months for it to die down for me. I pray that it happens quicker for you.

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@Flowerteacher55 and @LosingHope 

Thank you for your response.

I feel I have HSV-1 at both locations. Same thing happened with me, I started getting ringing sound in my ear around July 2022. I am still getting it continuesly 24/7, sometimes it lessens and during HSV symptoms it increases. The sound is more noticeable during the bed times. In the early stage when I was not aware about my status the sound was frequent and not constant, but after horrible outbreak and when I fall sick I started noticing it daily.

I recently visited ear specialist, he told me to ignore it as my hearing abilities are good. I also visited infectious disease specialist he told me to stop antivirals and prescribed me vitamins. 

I hope this will get better over the time. 

@LosingHope are taking any medicine or antivirals for it?

Than you.

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No antivirals yet, but I am taking elderberry and vitamin C in hopes of boosting my immune system to keep the HSV at bay. I hear Lion's Mane is a good natural supplement that works as an antiviral against HSV, so I have ordered some and will try it today to see how it works. But I'm still new to this (started experiencing symptoms in November), so you may want to also check in with the others I named in the last post.

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