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How many negative tests did it take before a positive result?

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I also explained my symptoms to a Urologist and told him about the test. Of course, he doesn't think HSV-1 or HSV2  are causing the symptoms (of course, why would he?). He at least admitted that HSV can affect the CNS, but still didn't think that it was causing what he called a "constellation of symptoms," and then explained to me how the test works to look for the antibodies. I then had to point out that my body may have not built up the necessary antibodies to get detected. He admits that's possible and says I could take the test again in a few months to be sure and then says "But your symptoms do not sound like H, so I would expect it is still going to be negative." 

During an endoscopy, they found gastritis, which they have sent off to the lab to test for H. Pylori infection. I asked if other possible infections l could cause my symptoms or even exacerbate them and he said no. So I ask "what else could it possibly be?" Of course, he had no real answer, but stood his ground that my symptoms sound more like they're anxiety-related.

I assume this is what it was like for many of H community?



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@LosingHope If you are looking for answers from General Practioner you're not going to find them. Not even from an infectious disease Specialist or even an Dermatologist. If you are having an  atypical presentation of HSV not even the so-called experts like Terri Warren and HH Hansfield will acknowledge that. Very few exceptions like Dr Friedman from the University of Pennsylvania who is working on a vaccine and therapeutic acknowledge that.

They are going to say that your anxiety is causing these symptoms and that you're  ot sick at all. That you don't have HSV because you don't have blister or cuts. That you are a hypochondriac and it's all in your head. You will only get confirmation when you test positive in the third month. There are also some people who do not test positive on the blood tests and only have tested positive via swab but they are the very, very few.

Like I said, you have to get your anxiety under control, understand that this is not a life threatening illness for you unless you were immuno-compromised. Then you could be in trouble and would need intervention with high dose acyclovir and other antivirals to prevent encephalitis. I don't believe that to be your case at all not even remotely. You have stuff going on similar to what happened to me. These symptoms will eventually resolve if they have been triggered by HSV when your body finally catches up and gets in the fight. You can get you Doctor the give you the acyclovir of Valtrex  as that might help. 

My suggestion is to treat your anxiety, and any other outstanding health issues that can be treated with standard treatments and be patient. HSV is causing some issue because it's replicating and moving around in your nervous system. It should calm down gradually or even suddenly. Hard to say which because it affect everyone differently. 

Hang in there and try not over think this and worry about it. You will learn that millions and millions have a form of HSV. The majority have little to no symptoms. The unfortunate ones like us do.

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