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Got my first ever coldsore but always thought I had genital herpes?

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I’ve recently developed what a pharmacist believes to be a coldsore on my lip. This has confused me because I’ve never had one before, I have HSV-1 (confirmed via blood test) but I self diagnosed it as genital due to past spots/irritation in my genital area. 

Is it possible for me to carry it both orally and genitally? I guess I’ll carry on assuming it’s both without really knowing. When I passed it on to an ex partner perhaps it was through oral sex. This makes me nervous to be intimate with my current “negative” girlfriend. 

Has anyone else ever experienced having both oral and genital herpes and how do you handle it day to day? 


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Yes, I am currently going through it now. Personally, I hate it. It's one thing to have issues in one area, but to have it multiple areas really makes it uncomfortable. Screw feeling attractive (even though that makes me think as well), I just hate feeling uncomfortable. It's starting to die down some, but now I'm always looking over my shoulder and wondering when it will rear its ugly head again. To be honest, trying some of the remedies on this site have helped somewhat.  I used Lotrimin for my genital area and that helped for a few days, but then when I used it on the third day, it started to sting, so I've been using it only when it gets really bad down there so I can at least have some relief. As far as oral, I don't really know what to do. I've heard on here that Herpecin-L may help, but I have yet to try it. I may give it a go before things start to get really bad in that area. I'm sorry I couldn't provide more help, but perhaps more experienced people in the community like @mr_hopp, @Flowerteacher55 , @Seeker1960, or @Bloomer may have more info.

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@newtothis22visual diagnosis of HSV can often be misleading. The best way to know for sure is to get a PCR swab of suspicious sore/blister. Blood test won't tell you location of infection unfortunately. 

It's possible to be infected on both location at the same time, it is rare but it does happen. 

When you say you has spots/irritation on your genital area what exactly do you mean? Can you describe spots? 


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@Bloomer I’ve not had any issues down there in a while but a few years back I’d get irritation, red skin and sometimes small white-head type spots. I’ve been diagnosed with warts in the past, but never herpes. The spots I got were also previously diagnosed as molluscum which isn’t an STI. 

I was just still nervous and unconvinced it wasn’t herpes back then so I did a blood test and it told me I had HSV-1. I’d never had cold sores before so assumed it was genital but now I’ve come out with my first cold sore. 

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