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Has anyone went through the same

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I had a coated tongue around the time I was infected. It won't be classified as a typical symptoms. I had all typesbof symptoms from electrical stocks to night sweats to no being able to sweat at all. The immune system's response to the virus can be different for everyone and because of that you can get weird symptoms that are not directly identified as caused by HSV. Most people get typical symptoms like blisters and so on. Fewer get the atypical symptoms.

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On 1/6/2023 at 5:27 PM, Seeker1960 said:

I had night sweats for a couple of night if I remember correctly. I had electric shocks feeling throughout my body. I felt like I was vibrating. The HSV messes with you nerves and nervous system. 

How long did those symptoms last? I’m going on 2 months with white coated tongue and itchiness all over. Not having night sweats unless I’m anxious. But I do have constant aches.

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It was pretty rough when I first was infected. I was a wreck. It started with an itch on my testicle and some redness which at first was hoping it was some yeast infection. It progressed to flu like feeling, night sweats for a few days, the electrical shock feeling and vibrating feeling. Then my balls feel like the were literally on fire for like weeksneuralgia.

Most of my symptoms calmed down after a couple of months except I had other symptoms develop later like prudendal neuralgia and some weird autonomic dysautonomia for awhile. Thank God those were not permanent and dissipated over time. I've only had a recent flare up of some nueropathy like burning butt feeling and some not too intense neralgia.

I guess you're thinking you might have H? At two months you may or may not test positive.  You should wait a another month or so an get tested. Did you have an outbreak? I didn't have one either which confused me for a while. Then I came to the conclusion that I have an atypical manefestation of GHSV1.

Is the person you were with positive for HSV 1or 2?

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If you have an active sore or outbreak, go the doctor or clinic and they swab test it. You wouldn’t have to wait at all. Takes a couple days to get the results. And either way, you don’t have to wait. There are blood tests that will show ( if you’re positive) either the short term or long term antibodies. 

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