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I just found out that I have herpes. I had suspicions but I think I was too scared to get tested. So I just stopped having sex and dating. Well I finally got up the nerve to get confirmed what I already knew. I did go online to get treatment that can be delivered to my door. I know I shouldn’t but I feel too embarrassed to tell anyone. I don’t feel like I can even face a doctor. The problem is I do have a PAP coming up in about a month and I just want not say anything. I have been tested for other STD’s and they were negative. I am not actively having sex. I just want to treat myself in my own privacy. The catch is that I am military. I do not want to tell the military medical because I work with people who can handle my medical records and I am in a leader position. I just do not want this to mess up what I worked so hard for. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks 

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Hey there @FriendsNeeded2023 I was in the Military myself so I understand your concerns. I wouldn't worry about disclosing to the Military Medical. They don't test for it and it really isn't their business. So many people have it and don't even know it. If you're not having an active outbreak you don't have to always  take the antivirals if your body is suppressing the virus on its own. Do you know what type HSV you have?

You can still be a leader and serve our country proudly. The only people you would need to disclose to are sexual partners. 

Stay strong and be the wonderful person that you still are. ❤️ 

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Hey I hope you take your time to adjust mentally, emotionally and physically. This affects everyone differently. Some get frequent OB's others don't have hardly any symptoms. The main issue is that we have the ability to pass this on to others and that affects the way we approach our current and future relationships. Just know that you are not alone and that you are not less of a person. 

Be good to yourself and I wish you all the best in the future.


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Having herpes is not the end of the world its a mangable illness ...it's not fatal..only you need to tell your partner to be on solid ground and avoid sex during the outbreak ...you continue to be a leader in your position and shine and don't let this one break you down.


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