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please help - herpes or UTI?

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I had sex with a girl, a week later, thought I had a uti, penis discomfort, but not while peeing, took some anti, and azo, drove 10 hours, took a #2 and bath, wow, major hemorrhoids, so I thought. next day drove 10 hours, same thing, next day , abdomen pain, couple days later, felt fine. week later jumped in the car to come home, felt like a hernia sticking out of my abdomen, went to dr, said maybe hernia, went to surgeon, nope no hernia, but if I drive in the car for long periods, my but feels like im pushing and feels swollen, but im not, then when it calms down( about 4-5days later) the pain starts in my abdomen. then back to penis pain( not while peeing). had a few bumps on my penis, dr said not herpes, ppp. I have had no fever, no discharge. this has been going on for about two months. yest I looked, a few real tiny bumps on inside of upper lip, today they are gone, no pain with them at all. does anybody have an idea whats going on? could it be just a major uti?. the pain and discomfort is not staying in one spot. and also, my seman is yellowish. but I did take some azo pills, about 4 days before. please help.

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U need a urine spec and a blood test. Im not sure what the symptoms are for dudes but i just had my first ob and i had a uti too. My bf has herpes in the genitals as do i. His outbreaks dont look like mine. He gets small bumps and it looks like a rash. Sometimes on his penis and groin area. Get checked out bud bc sometimes other STDs start out feeling like a UTI but he's never complained about having the type of pain that you have

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