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Hsv2 equivocal twice

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I had a sexual encounter on Aug 28th with protection. I got tested on Oct 26 which is 8 weeks after encounter the results came back HSV1 IGG 17.80 positive which I had since I was a kid and HSV2 IGG 0.98 equivocal. 
I tested again 19 weeks after encounter which was January 11th and my results was HSV1 IGG 15.00 and HSV2 IGG 1.04 equivocal. So i got two equivocal can someone please explains why is that ? I saw it takes 3months to develops antibodies. I waited 4 months and received an equivocal. Can my hsv1 cross react with hsv2 ? 

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Are you getting any symptoms? If so what are they? Testing in the absence of any symptoms is not going to be definitive. There can false positive tests I believe. I have GHSV1 and it took me over 4 months to test positive on the igg. I first tested positive via Western Blot 

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One question, did the the person you had your encounter with have HSV2? If not forget about getting tested. You would of had some symptoms even very mild ones if you were infected. No symptoms at all and wearing a condom pretty much makes it zero chance you caught Herpes from that encounter. Don't waste your money on a WB it will be negative.

Good luck  and have the other person get tested before you have your next encounter. 

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Yes the person just recently told me they had Hsv2. I also had no symptoms at all and used protection. I should be positive already if I did have it ? I would like to get the WB also just to make sure can you help me with the process with that. I think I am also going to get tested one more time to see where the numbers go. Is there any reason why the count would go up from 8 weeks to 19 weeks but still be equivocal ? 

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I am not well versed on the tests other than they can vary for one reason or another. I don't think you need testing. Eventhough the person had HSV2 you had a condom on and she may not have been shedding. If she didn't have an active OB you're good. The main thing is you don't have any symptoms. You can contact the University of Washington and they will send you a kit to mail your blood sample in with an ice pack

The person I got GHSV1 had both HSV1 & 2 and I only ended up with HSV 1. So it is not an automatic that you will get HSV2.

I would be willing to bet my house that you are not infected with HSV2 but you need to do what you need to do.

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I live in nyc would they still be able to mail the kit ? Or if not can I have them mail to the kit to Connecticut? How much do they charge ? Also did you test positive for hsv2 on your IGG test ? Or only for hsv1 ? Do you have the link so I can call them ? I can get my blood drawn from my doctor correct ? 

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Here is the link to University of Washington Testing Lab.


You have to find someone who will draw and spin the blood. I think there is some local regulation that prohibits it being done in NYC but I did it twice so go figure. It's more of some bureaucratic city regulation. I didn't test positive for either on the igg. Then I did the WB after like 4 months then I started testing positive for HSV1 on igg ever since. Negative for HSV2. You could get it mailed to CT. You can find out the charge when you call. Like $250 if I remember. 

Good luck.

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Call and order the kit. Then when you get the kit you can go to an urgent care maybe and get the blood drawn. If you have trouble finding some to draw the blood I can send you to a place I know that will do it. You have to FedEx it with the bio hazard label and ice pack in the small box they give you in the kit.

I am telling you that you do have it. You don't have any symptoms. So I can guarantee it will come back only with your HSV1.

But it's your choice.

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Do I pay over the phone ? So they will deliver it to my New York address ? Yes please send me the place that does it because I want to get it done as soon as possible I need to move on from this and get the closure I need. So I’m guessing you by the ice pack and the bio hazard label you could get at the shipping place ? Just one blood sample ? I appreciate the encouragement but I want to make sure. 

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So I got my westernblot back and it came back positive for hsv1 and negative for hsv2. After having two equivocals for hsv2 in 4 months I finally can get my mind off this and be more wise on my decision making. I just want to shed some light and give hope to someone who is dealing with equivocals or false positives to do the WB. 

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