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Hoping to get answers

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Hi, got diagnosed with herpes 1 back in May after having it undiagnosed for maybe 1 1/2. I’m looking for answers that my GP has been unhelpful at answering. 

I’ve had 4 outbreaks since May, should I take a daily medication of vaclyclovir? 
Would that lessen how much I’ve had it? Also I’ve had an outbreak for a bit over 4 weeks and it’s still itchy…I’ve never had an outbreak last this long nor been this itchy for this length. Is this normal? Intimacy is hard for me now.. i feel disgusted with my body. Does this feeling last? My partner is very supportive regarding my diagnosis.. but its frustrating from him too regarding lack of intimacy on my part. 

I just want to feel normal again. Feel as if ive been cursed with this. 

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Hey @Bluenic and welcome! 

So you were diagnosed with genital HSV1. How were you diagnosed? By swab or by blood test? 

It's up to you when it comes to taking antivirals. Doctors usually recommend taking daily antivirals if you are having six or more outbreaks per year. But some people fir example take antivirals even if they have outbreaks rarely because they want to reduce their risk for transmission to their sexual partners. 

Does your partner have HSV 1 orally maybe? 

You wont be feeling this way forever. Getting herpes diagnosis can be emotionally challenging at first but with time comes acceptance. Lot of people have genital herpes and still manage to have great sex life and live happy. 

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@Bluenic Hello and welcome. I guess you've had it for 1 & 1/2 years? Did you get it from your current partner? This virus is not just a skin infection and everyone gets varying symptoms. It depends on the particular strain and your immune system's response. For women it can be triggered by hormonal changes and menstrual cycle. 

It is frustrating that Doctors know so little about this. They don't know much beyond the standard responses and prescribing antivirals. There is not much beyond that in terms of treatment. Some find that going with natural homeopathic treatments help.

The feelings that you're experiencing can come and go. The duration and intensity also vary person to person. You are just going to have to try different things and see what works best for you. Stress can trigger these symptoms so managing stress is important. Some also say diet is important. 

Sorry, I wish I had a better answer for you.

There are a lot of things being worked on like UB 621 and RVX 201 but probably won't be available until at least 2030.

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I got it from an old boyfriend, he was told he had hpv though after I had an outbreak and tested negative for herpes. I’m not sure if hpv could show up similar to hsv 1. My current partner has been tested and has never had an outbreak. I was tested through a swab both times and second time was positive. 

My biggest concern for taking the antiviral daily is do we know if it affects or can somehow cause fertility problems? I’m afraid because of this diagnosis I won’t be able to traditionally have children.. a bit dramatic lol.

Besides small lesions and this past time the itchiness I’ve been very lucky with not having other more serious symptoms. This past outbreak which I’m currently still in I’ve had one lesion for 5 weeks that’s healed and shown in other spots. 

I’m very thankful to have found this group and be able to discuss with others who understand what I’m going through. 

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HPV and HSV act differently and manifest in different ways. If you had HSV positive swab this means that you have HSV for sure. If your boyfriend is testing negative for HSV 1 then you can infect him genitally so the best way to protect your boyfriend is to use condoms and avoid sexual intercourse while having outbreak.

Antivirals won't affect or cause fertility problems so don't worry about that. But if you are hesistant to take antivirals, you don't have to take them. Lot of people never take antivirals even when they are having outbreak. It's up to you.

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