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Outbreaks in different spots

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Hello all, 

       I have had HSV-2 for about 10 years and get roughly 5-6 outbreaks a year.   My outbreaks seem to be always related to times of high stress.   My first couple of outbreaks happened on my pelvis area.   Since then, I have outbreaks on my lower back, on my buttocks and on my penis shaft.  Has anyone else had their outbreaks “migrate” and happen in random other places?   My wife also has HSV-2 and her outbreaks are always in the exact same place, every time which makes my random outbreaks in different places that much more frustrating.   Thanks to one and all in advance for your input. 

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The HSV virus resides in the Sacral Ganglia. So because of that and depending on your individual immune response it can pop up anywhere in that area. Your immune system tends to weaken as you get older so that could contribute to this as well. I'm not an expert but based on what I have read in other places.

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It's not unusual for outbreaks to appear on different locations. Unfortunately you can't do nothing about that.

As Seeker1960 already wrote HSV resides in sacral ganglia which means that you can have outbreak anywhere in your pelvic area and down to your inner thighs. Some people have outbreaks always in the same area and for some people outbreaks change location often. Some people never get outbreaks on genital area, only on buttocks or on thighs for example. 

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Same thing is happening with me. Have had this for over 30 years, half a dozen or so outbreaks a year, all on my genitals. I get breakouts from stress or getting emotionally upset. In the last year it has spread to my buttocks, and quite a large swath of it too. Takes way longer to heal than the genital versions. My doc says it's because nerve pathways are there. It's devastating. I don't have a partner, but I stopped going to the pool as I've got some dark scars I'd rather not explain in a dressing room. I've stopped watching upsetting TV shows or videos. I'm in my 60s, and immunocompromised, so getting older and having a crappy immune system may have something to do with it too. Just started taking acyclovir once a day to try to slow down the outbreaks. Too early to tell if that's working.

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