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Herpes outbreak ... How do I know??

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This sounds horrible...but how do I know if I am having an outbreak? After doing reading a research I know that I would have flu like symptoms. I have had them, but at the time I did not know I had HSV, so I guess that was an outbreak. Since finding out, I check my genital area (looking for something), I have yet to notice anything different (which I am thankful of!!!) However, I have been having back and leg pain, I am thinking this has something to do with (h).


Can someone help me out with this?


Also, I have been doing reading on natural ways to deal with this but I have some questions:

- With using Lysine, should an antiviral still be used?

- What are some foods that trigger outbreaks?

- What are some overall suggestions?

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well some people feel the symptom's much stronger when they getting an outbreak much then other people. Usually I get this itchy burning feeling and my lymph nodes around my upper leg are sweeling.I am not always get flue symptom's but sure it deepens how big your outbreak is.Normally I get first tiny little white bumps which get shortly after that red and the next day I see like a big red bump and later on get this yellow pad on it but sure its possible that you don't get any of my symptoms maybe you immune system is much stronger.

to your second question a lot of people swear on l lysine and it seem to help them so maybe you can give it a try. You only should take antivirals when you have constantly outbreaks or when you with a non herpes partner because this will reduce the risk of transmission.

A lot of people don't see any relation inn food but for me for example I cant eat nuts anymore, as soon as I eat them I get 1 day later an outbreak. You should eat as much healthy food as you can ( Fruits, veggies , fish , egg..so on)

AS vitamin I only can suggest vitamin c with the rest the industry only take money put of your pocket.

From my site I eat my food with a lot with coconut oil and lot of turmeric because this are natural antivirals...and they quit healthy anyway.

Let me know if you have anymore question. Have a good day

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For me, I get a few sores that sort of look like chicken pox marks. Sometimes my lymph nodes in my groin swell. Sometimes, when I think I am just having viral shedding, I get a tingling down the back of my butt and leg. It is sort of like a nerve pain. Everyone is sort of different though I think. After a while you get to know your body and how the virus shows up.


I have tried Lysine but didn't really see much of a difference. I find with me, my emotional state affects my outbreaks more than what I eat. However, that said, if I am stressed and then use the common triggers like red wine, chocolate and nuts to self soothe, then I can get an outbreak. I think it's sort of a combination of things. I also find my menstrual cycle affects the virus and if I am going to have an outbreak, it is usually around that time of my cycle. My immune system isn't as strong then and I am more prone to either getting the flu or an outbreak.


As Judith said, taking good care of yourself, managing your stress and eating well go along way to helping the outbreaks. Herpes is a great catalyst for really taking care of yourself, which is not a bad thing! :)

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