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Chances of getting herpes after quick sex?

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So Im 19 and I recently seen my high school crush at a party we had talked all night and I drank so much I barely remember. Things led to another and we were in the bathroom he did tell me he had herpes but that he has only had about two herpes outbreaks and none of his other partners have caught herpes. But now that the night is over its alk I seem to think about and I don't know if its all in my head. It didn't last very long because we were so wasted he couldn't stay hard. What are the chances of me gettin herpes after one short time??

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I would say slim BUT it only takes one mistake to get pregnant too ... ya know? And it only took one hook-up for me to get Herpes when I was 17.


For now, try not to worry. BUT, let this be a lesson for you on several levels - the drinking (yeah, I get it, you are young and partying is part of the deal.... but learn your limits or have a buddy who will tell you when you need to stop) obviously made you lose your ability to make smart decisions. I assume you didn't use a condom either... (although you can contract herpes with condoms too, it reduces the risk). NOT a good idea my friend.... he could be carrying HPV or Chlamydia too and not know it. ESPECIALLY if he hooks up that easily. And like it or not, you *should* have a conversation before you are intimate with ANY guy you meet about STD's. Yeah - it may put a damper on things and some may choose to walk away, but this is YOUR life and YOUR health and YOU need to look after it... those hook-ups won't be there while you are dealing with ANY STD....


I would call your Dr or go to the school clinic and ask how long you should wait to get tested and get a FULL STD screen ... (make sure you ask for Herpes, Chlamydia and HPV as they are not normally included in the screens... they only usually do Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and HIV). And in the future, practice SMART Sex ... yes, it's a bore to use condoms and the guys don't like it, but too bad. This is YOUR body and YOUR health.


I hope for your sake this is just a "life lesson" - Herpes isn't a death sentence but it IS a nuisance and it WILL complicate your love life if you get it.


And send your friend here and tell him he needs to be educated. Sounds like he's either ignorant or in denial. Either way, he needs to understand what he is potentially doing to other people.....


Let us know how it goes.... (((HUGS)) and positive thoughts for you :)

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yes there is a chance that you contracted herpes and yes as WCSDancer said it deepens if you used condoms and if he take antivirals( with both the chance is really low it deepens if he have typ 1 or 2). Well you both have been drunk and at least he told you before you had sex that he have H ,even if he should have waited till you both have been sober again....BUT HE TOLD you...so he have been honest... not every guy would do it in that situaton .If you still didn't showed any symptom the chance that you contracted H is quit low but I would suggest that you will have a test in the next 3-6 month to make sure( H antibody need to build up before you know for sure). Anyway I really don't think that you really contracted it because you didn't had wild rough sex that night...so relax and learn out of it and have a saver sex life .(at least if you really didn't used condoms which I don't know ).Big hug.Judith

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well maybe really none of his other partners got it , sure everyone can get it even with condoms and antivirals but this didn't mean that we need to contract to other person ...if this would be like that we all wouldn't be aloud to have sex anymore. He told her he have herpes ,so for my opinion he is aware of contracting this skin condition to other partners,

he were honest but he shouldn't took advantage of a drunk girl but he was drunk too and at least he told her.If he wouldn't have told her, I would say he is a really arsewhole but he did and they are both growing up people which have been drunk and make the decision to have casual sex. I read a lot of post on this website were people had sex with other person without telling them they have H.......When I read that I always scream out loud.nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why you do that.

Yes if he contracted it to her (which we still don't know yet and I don't believe she got it)it will impact her live but he told her....I think you cant only blame him????sorry my English is not the best maybe I misunderstood something here but there are always two person. Sorry Maybe I don t get it

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