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keep getting ill

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Ok, so I was wondering if anyone else keeps getting ill ( common cold ect) It seems that since I got diagnosed in June I just keep getting mild ailments. I shift one and as soon as I do, I'm hit with something else. I cant work out if its linked to my immune being low previous to H ( hence ending up with it in the first place) or that because my body is now busy fighting H I have minimum defence for anything else that comes along ! Its becoming very annoying and interfering with my running ect. Is anyone else experiencing the same ?

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HI Hope,


yes the first month your body try to fight and keep up with the virus so a lot of people having cold symptom's(swollen nymph nodes too ), I think people with type 2 have more symptom's like people type one because hsv2 is a bit stronger ( which type do you have ? ). At the beginning your immune system freak out and you are open for a lot of other infection. You are still in your first 6 month so there is a big chance that the symptom's will calm down and you get soon much better. Try to eat healthy ,less drinking and try to keep stress down.Any questions please let us know.Judith

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Hi Judith, thanks for replying. Yes the first outbreak I was terrible flu like ect. But this doesn't seem to be linked to H outbreaks its just constant niggling things like sore throat, runny nose, sick bugs ect ect ! I try eat healthy and don't drink in excess ( well every now and again) like you say I think I'm just open to other infections and I've just started working in a school, so I'm probably picking up all sorts of new infections from the kids!!

Its doing my head in now though because I'm not usually an ill person arrhhhh !

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Perhaps you're right. Perhaps it's because your immune system is fighting off herpes and also with the flu season coming up, you're more vulnerable to the common cold because it's weaker.


But what's more likely in my mind is that through all of the worrying and heightened stress that has been coming from your recent diagnosis. I imagine it's more mental than physical. It's easy to start blaming all of our maladies on herpes, when for the most part it's how we're relating to herpes instead of herpes itself. Does this make sense?

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Adrial is right - the stress you have been under won't be helping.


I'd suggest you start taking supplements that help your immune system - I really like

http://www.newchapter.com/mushrooms and Airborne - those two things help me kick off almost everything that comes my way.... first sign of a tickle or whatever I start on them and I'm ok usually with in 3-5 days, with minimum symptoms.


I rarely get sick now, but as a kid (with the HSV1) I got ill at least 2 times/year with horrid temperatures that were never diagnosed but I am sure were Herpes. A few times in my life I went through spells where I got everything and had more outbreaks...usually during really stressful times.


Hope this helps you :)

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i have been trying and trying to private message u numorous times since joining here lmao. i hate technology i swear. i cannot get this pop up ad for disclosure that I've already downloaded to go way and everytime i try to message u it stops me lol. i think u and i have the same kinda sense of humor and we both love music. I try to get on full site from my phone but i still havevissues messaging. I'm not a complete idiot i swear. Just a lil bit of one haha. so if u can pm me when u get the chance i would love to have u as an h buddy. i can only reply once someone has sent a message in there. Hope u get well soon hope and chat later.

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I've heard of worse things to be addicted to than positive, supportive community. ;)


And Peach, sorry if you're having troubles with the site. I do plan on upgrading to a better forum soon once I can raise some money from our community to make that happen. Hold tight. :)

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Are you talking about my quote addiction, or my shoe addiction or have you discovered my secret chocolate addiction !

Seriously I am addicted, I love the positivity of this place, you should be proud of yourself for creating it MR !

Peach I have your message and will be replying when my son gives me a moment and stops nagging me to use the laptop. xx

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